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9 Bloggers You Should Know

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If you were to glance through my 48 (yes, 48) boards on Pinterest, you might be fooled into thinking that I am a fashion-forward, crafty, fit, newly engaged, gourmet-food-loving, twenty-something gal. If you were to see me on campus, however, you’d be disgusted at me strolling around in an old T-shirt with sweatpants and a greasy ponytail.

Despite my less-than-cute daily attire and messy apartment, I love keeping up with a few fashion and lifestyle bloggers whose fun and energetic posts are not too couture for even my unfashionable self. These blogs are more fun to read (in my opinion) than the high-fashion, Vogue-esque ones that other women like to read.

Since I’m sure I’m not the only college-aged girl with a disconnect between her Pinterest boards and her real life, here are a few of my favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers whose adorable and actually applicable posts might inspire you to add a little extra cuteness to your life. 

1. Kate Padgitt, “A Lonestar State of Southern" {@lonestarsouthern}

Kate is a senior PR major at the University of Texas. Her sweet southern accent, chipper blog posts and preppy, fun outfits make her blog one of my absolute favorites. As a fellow sorority girl majoring in PR, my current life aspiration is to be her. 

2. Caitlin Covington, “Southern Curls & Pearls” {@cmcoving}

Caitlin is another southern sorority girl working in PR from North Carolina. Her blog features adorable outfit ideas, home décor tips and makeup advice, as well as some handy Christmas gift guides for everyone in your life. 

3. Ashley Fancy, “Fancy Ashley” {@thefancyashley} 

Style inspiration, home décor and DIY projects, Christmas gift guides and tons of adorable pictures of her kids are featured on Ashley’s blog. TBH, she posts a lot of photos of her two kids – but it’s okay since they are two of the most precious blonde-haired, blue-eyed kids you’ll ever see.

4. Hannah Duke, “Hannah Shanae” {@hannahshanae}

As a junior PR major at Liberty University, Hannah shares style advice for bright, fun, perfectly-put-together outfits. 

5. Danielle Downing, “Just Dandy” {@shopdandy}

A native Floridian, Danielle’s daily life and style blog shares fashion tips that reflect her state’s perfect beachy, warm weather. Her blog is full of pink and gold− the most perfect color combo, in my opinion. 

6. Emily Gemma, “The Sweetest Thing” {@emilyanngemma} 

Emily shares on her blog hair and makeup tutorials, style inspiration and other beauty and lifestyle tips. 

7. Lauren Sims and Lauren Scruggs, LOLO Magazine {@laurenkaysims}

This magazine is run by an alumna from my high school and an alumna from my sorority− how could I not love it? The blog has everything from the best places to shop in Dallas, to recipes and many other fashion, health and lifestyle tips.

8. Megan Runion, “For All Things Lovely” {@meganrunionmcr}

Megan posts from South Carolina about home décor ideas, fashion inspiration and her favorite accessories. 

9. Allyssa Griffiths, “Life With Lyss” {@allyssaslookbook}

Allyssa is another college blogger whose posts make me realize just how unimpressive my wardrobe really is. Her blog also features style tips, beauty tutorials and more.

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