8 ways to look "put together" as a "hot mess"
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8 Ways to Look "Put Together" as a "Hot Mess"

Urban Dictionary defines a Hot Mess as: "When ones thoughts or appearance are in a state of disarray but they maintain an undeniable attractiveness or beauty."

So for those beautiful hot messes this is for you:

8 Ways to Look "Put Together" as a "Hot Mess"

As a young adult the pressure to be perfect is so stressful that we are learning to be more and more fake. Which is great for people like me, who have learned and mastered how to look put together and still be a hot mess. So my personal gift to y'all is the eight things I learned my freshman year in college

Use pencil in your planner

One thing that I could not imagine my life without would be my planner, it's my baby, and I love it to pieces because it helps me out in more than reminding me what to do.

Not only does my planner tell me assignments, appointments, but it also can get you out of trouble.

Putting things/events/assignments in pencil allows them to be erased and moved around. If you're anything like me, then you will put everything on the wrong day only to realize it and have to fix it later. If you write in pen then you have to get a new planer, but pencil hides your mistakes.

Perfect the hair bun

Need to do your hair fast? Is your hair questionably clean? late? forget that you have an interview?

The classic hair bun is the thing for you. There is nothing cuter than a nice messy bun, ballerina bun, or half up bun.

Big bonus: they take about 5-10 min. instead of 30+ for other hairstyles

Carry snacks

I know what your're thinking: how would snacks make me look more put together? well you cant look put together if you have RBF or are hangry.

Granola bar, Fruit Snacks, anything.

It's a tiny thing that can make a whole lot of difference.


I never was taught cursive in school... but it looks a lot nicer and professional than caps lock scattered writing that's for sure. Adding the loopies and swoops makes a difference.

Writing and writing style allows the person to identify themselves and when you have a more sophisticated writing style than others will take you seriously.

Also there is nothing better than when others peek at your notes and are like "wow your handwriting is amazing" it goes to show that people do notice...

Get some plants. 

I don't know why but it looks more put together to have a plant that you can keep alive.

I know that myself, when i walk into someones house and they have plants in my head i'm like "wow they know what they are doing"

just saying.

Pack a lunch

Not a microwave burrito or a quesadilla. A protein, bright, colorful, good for you (ew) lunch. it shows others that you can and do take the time to cook nourishing food for yourself.

cooking has become a skill that nobody possess anymore so its a major bonus.


I am one of those people who as a teenager wore mismatched socks, and i have never regretted something more than that. Not only do I have a huge pile of socks that have no mates, but now matching socks is a hobby and I have no matches.

Color coordination is important:

keep dark colors (blue and black and brown) separated they don't mix.

Light colors: can be accents to dark colors (pinks and neutrals) and can be matched together.

White: just don't unless its a cute t-shirt

Perfume/Body Spray

no more Axe body spray, no more of the terrible $5 smells from the clearance pile, and no more alcohol based perfumes.

A good perfume will blend into your body's natural hormones, and you will not be able to smell it after a while but others can.

These eight things have made me look more put together, and made life easier. Growing into a young adult can be a hard time, but hopefully these tips help you guide your way to being the put together queen/king that you are. No matter what i'm proud of your effort!

Good Luck!

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