8 Ways To Become A Better Person

Everyone experiences jealousy. Everyone experiences selfishness. It's only human to be self-obsessed, it's practically in our DNA to think of ourselves before everyone else, like a twisted parody of survival of the fittest. But this selfishness doesn't help us become better people. I, for one, have been told I have a big ego and am very self absorbed. So how do we become better people?

1. Don't Make Excuses

When something goes wrong it's so easy to blame it on something else. "It's not my fault, he distracted me," or something along those lines is quite common. Start taking responsibility. You are the only person you can control, so instead of blaming others, accept the blame if you messed up. Apologize, and use the experience to do better next time.

2. Practice Forgiveness

It's easy to get angry at others, and this anger can fester and become a grudge. Holding grudges isn't beneficial to anyone. Forgive others, as mistakes are only human. Forgive yourself too, forgive yourself for any small mistakes you make, because you are human too

3. Be Honest

Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. Everyone tells little white lies, and those little lies are part of what allows polite society to run, but too much lying can turn into a habit, and if you're caught it decreases the trust others have in you. Telling the truth creates stronger, better relationships with others.

4. Volunteer

Everything you do shouldn't be about yourself. Volunteering gives back to the community and is a totally selfless action.

5. Be Flexible

Nobody likes people who are absolutely unwilling to compromise. Being flexible will allow you to adapt and thrive in different scenarios. It will allow you to change your previous thoughts if they are proven wrong.

6. Listen to Others

Often, we enjoy talking about ourselves. In conversation, we look forward to the breaks that allow us to talk about ourselves. This mentality is wrong. Give others a chance to speak, and truly listen to their words. Only then can we form meaningful connections.

7. Be Respectful

Everyone, as a human being, deserves a certain amount of respect. Don't treat others as though they are inferior to you, treat them with respect and love.

8. Educate Yourself

Don't start an argument about something you don't know the first thing about. Educate yourself and learn more about the world. Travel. All these things make you a better and more well rounded person.

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