It's easy to feel helpless in an age where so many people are being subjected to hatred and social injustice. As a typical twenty something who is in the midst of trying this "adult-ing" thing, I find myself trying to find new ways to spread positive vibes in the midst of everyday life.

1. If you notice someone going through a tough time extend a listening ear.

Sometimes people just need to know that someone cares enough to notice the rut they are in. If the person doesn't open up to you immediately or at all, don't be offended-- everyone copes in their own way, just keep your offer open.

2. Smile at people when you make eye contact.

It will not only make you feel better, but it could make someone else's day.

3. Surprise your friend with something that they love.

If you notice a friend working really hard and reluctant to give themselves a break, bring them that cup of coffee or their favorite snack they will appreciate it more than you know.

4. If you admire something about someone, acknowledge it.

Most people have at least one admirable trait so if you recognize that trait say something, it costs nothing to be kind.

5. Treat yourself.

I know this one sounds a little selfish, but to be a "good-doer" you should really take time to focus on yourself first and foremost so if you've been working hard, give yourself that much needed break, if you crave the chocolate, just give yourself some chocolate. Self deprivation only leads to bad things.

6. Forgive someone.

I know it seems impossible sometimes, but sometimes letting go of grudges with or without an apology can set you free and make you and maybe even the person you're forgiving happier.

7. Say you're sorry.

You know how sometimes you do something and indirectly hurt someone's feelings? Instead of shutting that person's emotions down, why not try to understand where you may have unintentionally went wrong. That apology could help that person gain some faith in humanity.

8. Create something.

Whether you enjoy expressing yourself through music, art, writing, or anything else really, creating is one of the best and human ways to better the world.