8 Underrated Perks of Studying at Franklin University Switzerland
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8 Underrated Perks of Studying at Franklin University Switzerland

If you ever needed a definition of what the Franklin experience is

8 Underrated Perks of Studying at Franklin University Switzerland

1. Central Location

Studying in Switzerland means you basically have all of Europe in the palm of your hand.

As you can see from the map below, the country is bordered by Germany, Austria, France, and Italy

(Close proximity to the best places in Europe = weekend trips galore for cheap!)

2. Small, tight-knit community

We're a school of less than 400 <3

(Unlimited chances to enjoy fondueeeee with friends <3 gathering around food is the best way to socialize and the main reason Franklinites get together)

3. Academic Travel

Academic Travel is what makes the Franklin experience so unique. You get to travel to the locations you learn about in class and are led by a professor who is either really interested in a particular aspect of the area or actually has some connections there to make the overall experience awesome!

(Here's a group photo in Marseille from one of my Academic travels!)

4. Close relationship with your professors

You can get a chance like this to get close with your professors! But, honestly, this is one of Franklin's best perks, because they really get to know you and they honestly want to get to know you. Having the ability to consult with your professors about your academic pursuits is the best way to enjoy your higher education pursuits!

(From the Franklin Instagram - the best place to get a glimpse of Franklin life!)

5. Gorgeous views from your dorm

(The best view to wake up to)

6. Awesome freshman orientation experience

From jumping off a cliff into the cold waters of Valle Verzasca to exploring Switzerland through the Swiss Bus Tour to the fun Tutte Le Strade events (a bunch of student-led events to help students get to know more about what to do in Lugano), Franklin helps you adapt into your new life as an expat in Europe!

(This is a group photo from Valle Verzasca. Yes, you are encouraged to jump into the clear, freezing mountain water below that bridge pictured above!)

7. Amazing opportunities

Franklin provides many opportunities for students to interact with prestigious academics and political figures. For example, just this semester, the American ambassador to Switzerland, Ambassador LeVine, visited Franklin to give a presentation on the upcoming U.S. elections!

8. The undying love that alumni have for Franklin

If you ever needed a definition of what the Franklin experience is <3, what better way than to hear from the university's alumni!

Check out this video from the Franklin University Switzerland Youtube page!

("Franklin is home")

Hey guys!

The response from my Franklin article was great! As I'm writing this, the article has already generated 886 views online. Let's keep the Franklin love alive and strong and get everyone to know why we believe in the Franklin dream!

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