The 8 Types of People You See on Valentine's Day

The 8 Types of People You See on Valentine's Day

No one hates on Valentine's Day more than single people, and if you have not tricked anyone into loving you this year, you will likely become one of the haterz. Welcome to the club. As the couples line up for their reservations at The Hound and Hamilton's, all of us single people will be over at Skybar dancing the night away and pretending we are not single. Here is a list of the different types of people you will probably see on V-Day.

1. The overly affectionate PDA couple.   

Yuck. Okay, maybe a little PDA is alright but c'mon, do you have to kiss in between every single word? These guys are the ones single people love to hate on the most, probably because its so obvious they are really into each other.

2. The #WCW and #MCM. 

These are the worst. I mean, they are bad enough on Mondays and Wednesdays, but especially on Valentine's Day. These are the people who will be blowing up your Insta newsfeed with every picture they have ever taken with their BF/GF, not to mention exactly what they bought them for Valentine's Day. I am thrilled that you love your BF/GF, but all of the internet does not want to hear every last sappy detail of your relationship. 

3. The couple who just could not handle the pressure.

This would be the couple who comes and meets up with their friends after dinner because something obviously wasn't going right. Usually because the girl had way too high expectations, or he thought he did something really nice and she just didn't notice. Either way, they are the ones that need some help from their friends, so they hop on over to the bars to take a little pressure off themselves. Better luck next year. 

4. The recent break-up.

Bitter ex-lovers. These are the ones you especially do not want to be around on Valentine's Day. They are not quite over their ex and, man, are you going to hear all about it. Beware of the recent break-up. 

5. The singles who are just trying to mingle.

We all know these people, and in all reality, we probably all fit into this category at one point or another. There is nothing wrong with getting out there, gettin' yo flirt on and having a good time. Be careful not to let the fact that it is Valentine's Day, and you may be more lonely than usual, turn you into a thirsty thot. 

6. The two friends who, obviously, have something going on.

These are the people that totally want to be together on Valentine's Day, but haven't  quite figured out how to make it work -- whether it is with a new friend you just discovered you totally have chemistry with, or the one you definitely like, but something is always getting in the way. This one sucks most of all. For whatever reason, they cannot be with their one on Valentine's Day. For that reason alone, you are the real MVP because this night is the worst for you. 

7. The couple just trying to have a good time.

These are the couples that will be downtown hanging with their friends all night, just trying to get their groove on. They don't get caught up in the whole Valentine's Day thing because it just isn't a big deal to them. They just want to get their drank on and have a good night. 

8. The couple completely perfect for each other and might as well already be married. 

These guys are the ones that hold Valentine's Day close to their hearts. This day is totally devoted to their significant other, and all they want to do is spend time together. I mean, you can't even hate on them because these are the people everyone secretly wants to be. So you keep doing you, and go about your day in complete oblivious romantic bliss.

This is them.

This is us.

Regardless of how you spend your Valentine's Day, it is a day set aside to tell the people you love just how much they mean to you. So, go out there and tell them because, after all, they are totally cool.

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Could Neon Art, Work In Your Home?

Here are our top tips for making it work in your home: Neon Art

When it comes to interior design, the '50s and '60s are decades that are always in fashion. Bloggers, designers and Instagram fans are still packing their personal space with the modern-retro look that mixes flashes of fashion from a former era with modern pieces and looks. Not only is it a cost-effective way to rock your living room, but a fantastic opportunity to express your personal style.

The 1960s art movement incorporated industrial materials like neon lights and metallic and functionally designed furniture into its look. There’s no fussy detailing on the furniture and accessories are simple, but often brightly coloured or unusual in their design. These make for a great way to embrace minimalism, without having to give up on colour in your rooms.

It’s a Look Built Around Mix And Match

The brilliant thing for the professional, or amateur designer, is that mid-century-modern-inspired pieces are versatile. You can pepper them in without having to rethink the whole room. It's not a look that needs to be implemented wall to wall, floor to ceiling. It should be mix-and-matched.

An easy way to get the throwback look is a custom neon sign. Neon is flashy, trashy, and harks straight to the heyday of rock and roll. But it’s also a marker of modernity. Nostalgic and super modern, it isn't a new idea for interiors, but trends have moved away from neon words on walls to quirky, unusual neon shapes and objects on walls and on flat surfaces. 

a Custom-Made Neon Sign Can Add a Sense Of Forever Style

The great thing about using neon as a medium is exactly the reason it was created: it’s easy, flexible and with some personalisation can be whatever you want it to be! Choose from unusual outlines like fruit for the kitchen, Banksy-style outlines for the living room or a romantic phrase, whispered in neon, for the bedroom walls.

So, what does modern retro look like? The same considerations apply now as for home designers in the 1960s. That’s bold and vivacious colours, patterns and prints, geometric shapes, and textures with simple lines and statement pieces.

How To Get The Modern-Retro Look

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Bold geometric shapes: You can use these in either wallpaper, tablecloths, curtains or art pieces on the walls. Consider clever but unfussy use of lines and the greens, reds and blues of the decade.

Retro patterns and prints: Patterns that we all recognise include paisley and florals in reds, browns and yellows. Echo this rounded, vibrant look in your homewards, accessories and details.

Break out the pop art: Artwork from the era is easy to find. Consider a framed piece from one of the pop-art masters like Warhol or Lichtenstein, or a piece of neon in an unexpected shape and colour to really light up a room.

Add touches of metallic: Complete the modern look with up-to-date materials like brass or copper for your lamps, light shades or other functional décor items.

Choose your furniture wisely: The look is minimalist but colourful, so keep your furniture items to a minimum but choose them well. If you want to get this right, it’s better to have one piece that really creates conversation than several that almost get it right. Feel free to mix and match between old and new – it’s almost compulsory!

Happy home making!

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Fiction On Odyssey: The Language of Happiness

A dog's tale

The Best Person Ever has walked in, and Mommy’s voice gets high-pitched greeting her. After she returns some high-pitched sounds, she crouches and makes more sounds. Two syllables are recognizable.


Ginger bounds to her. Excitement shakes her every which way, spilling into showers of licks on Best Person Ever’s face, along with the occasional bark of “I’M SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!”

Of course, the two-legged ones understand Ginger as much as Ginger understands them, but happiness is a universal language. They are both very happy to see each other, and between Ginger’s barks and Best Person’s cooing, they work something out.

Mommy says things. Best Person replies, still petting and scritching Ginger because she is the Best.

But Mommy leaves. She leaves all the time! Is she going to come home?

“Ginger!” Best Person calls, already halfway to the Food Bowl Room.

Ginger hurries after her, little furry body panting and wagging. She decides it’ll be alright for a while. At least Best Person is around!

Best Person gives Ginger sooooo many belly rubs. All the belly rubs. The best belly rubs.

Ginger snuffles, but doesn’t stir. The Couch is the Best Couch, comfy and soft, and Best Person is keeping up her languid pets, crooning from time to time. Happiness is connecting them again, and so Ginger understands that Best Person likes giving belly rubs as much as Ginger likes getting them.

Watson, the noble leader of the household, slinks around the corner. No doubt he is prowling for the Food Bowl Room. Ginger’s was emptied within minutes, since she’s hardly fed, but Watson is sparing. A regal Calico he is, colored spots like jewels adorning his white fur.

Best Person makes happy noises. Ginger looks up to see her eyes on Watson. Best Person always cheers when Watson shows himself. Watson never answers, though Ginger never knows why. Best Person is the Best.

Mmmmm, belly rubs.

Ball, ball, ball, BALL! BALL!

Ginger recognizes another word: “Fetch!”


Ginger runs it back to Best Person. But as always, she tries to take it instead. She still hasn’t grasped the concept of Fetch: she is there to throw the ball, not take it.

Ginger holds on. Best Person makes loud happy sounds, the fast kind that Ginger loves the most. They are the Extra Happy Sounds, bursts of scent and color.

“Ginger, give!”

Ugh, fine. But only because Ginger likes her so—BALL!

Is that—what is that? What is that?!

Is that a dog? IT’S A DOG! Ginger has to see that dog. Defend the Home and Best Person, and also sniff, sniff, sniff. What’s their business here, anyway? Ginger must find out!

“WHAT DO YOU WANT?” Ginger roars, for she is a fierce Yorkshire Terrier.

“I’M WALKING!” Dog snaps back, “I NEVER GET WALKS!”

Liar! Ginger sees Dog all the time!

They try to approach each other and assess the situation. But Dog’s Human pulls them away with garbled words and Ginger is, sadly, restricted by The Wall surrounding the house. It’s got pointy tops and painted worn white. Ginger’s tried scratching it, but Mommy doesn’t like that, and making Mommy upset is the Worst Thing Ever.

“Ginger!” Best Person calls, “Food!”

Food? FOOD!

“I’M WATCHING YOU!” Ginger says to Dog. Satisfied, she sprints for Best Person.

“Hello, Watson!” Ginger says, for she is quieter with Watson. One must Respect the Cat. “How are you today?”

Watson flicks his tail, but happiness offers nothing, not like when Ginger wags her tail. Still, Watson doesn’t seem angry.

He trills something, narrowing his yellow-green eyes. Ginger can’t tell what he’s saying either.

Still, he brushes their bodies when he passes her. Ginger enjoys having him as a Bestest Friend.

Best Person ever cuddles Ginger when they sleep. Because she is the Best. When she’s holding Ginger, Ginger can close her eyes and not miss Mommy so much.

The Best Person Ever has walked in. This time, it’s Mommy! Mommy’s come back! Ginger always knew she would!

“Ginger!” she shouts, holding out her arms. She makes the happiest sounds, and Ginger replies.

Then Best Person leaves. Why does she have to leave?!

But Mommy! Mommy is here! Everything’s good now!

Watson graces Mommy with his presence, even accepting a few pets. He eats the food he is given before quickly disappearing to his lair in the Basement.

“Ginger,” Mommy says, petting and petting because she’s Ginger’s Favorite. She says other things, all happy, happy, happy.

For a moment, they know exactly what the other means.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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