The 8 Types Of Guys You Meet Online

Online dating brings a lot of unknowns. You never know who you are going to find online or what's going to happen when you meet up in person. Here are a few types of guys you will almost surely run into -- so now you can be prepared.

1. Married at first sight

This guy quickly decides you are destined for each other and starts planning out your future. He’ll call you three times the first day you meet and talk about his diet (he’s losing weight because he wants to look good for you, his future wife, and the kids that will soon be arriving). He’ll ask you if you're OK with moving after only a few hours of knowing each other. You’ll appreciate that he knows what he wants but you’ll be terrified because it’s going way too fast. After a few days you’ll realize you have to break up with him, even though you never even started dating.

2. The behind-the-screen boyfriend

This guy will seem familiar and you’ll like that. You went to high school or college together, maybe both. You’ll wonder why you didn’t give him the time back then. You’ll quickly connect over past experiences and you’ll spend at least a month talking. It will feel so much like a real relationship that you’ll start daydreaming about future dates and you’ll drop hints about meeting, but you’re both busy so you’ll let it slide and not take it as a warning sign when he doesn't take the bait. When you finally work up the nerve to ask him out, you'll never get a response.

3. The guy with one thing on his mind

This guy will say hi and then ask you to come over to his place (really directly). There is no misinterpreting his intentions.

4. The guy with one thing on his mind who tries to be tactful

This guy will ask you something like, “Do you want to play Barbie?” Whether he means actual Barbie dolls or something a little more "adult," this guy is strange and it may be time to move on.

5. The planner without a plan

When will guys realize that we like it when they have a plan? You’ll make a few plans with this guy, he’ll be a smooth talker and somehow not offend you when he calls you a cutie. You’ll have some nice conversations but you’ll realize that he can’t make a solid plan. You’ll pick a date and time but then he’ll have no clue how to pick a place and end up suggesting you figure it out at his house (maybe he does have a plan, and it’s a lot like guy number three's -- he just tries a little harder).

6. The super clingy dude

You'll wake up every morning with more than one message from this one. He texts you every few minutes until you answer and constantly asks about meeting up. He's really sweet, and you want to give him a chance, but if he's this clingy before you've even met in person, are you sure you can handle him after?

7. The long distance admirer

You'll get a super like from 3,000 plus miles away and wonder how on earth he sees that going anywhere. You don't want to be rude, but you know that it will never work, so why bother getting attached.

8. The too-perfect-to-be-real guy

Online dating offers a lot of room for lying. If a guy seems to good to be true, chances are he probably is. If everything is way too perfect, it's not unreasonable to be a bit skeptical. Be careful moving forward.

Alright, ladies, you're prepared. But be careful. You don't want to be the female version of any of these guys, do you?

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