8 Binge-Worthy TV Shows With Strong Female Leads
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8 Binge-Worthy TV Shows With Strong Female Leads

Enough with the sausage fest; lets talk about the women who are dominating the screen.

8 Binge-Worthy TV Shows With Strong Female Leads
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It's important to have female representation on TV, especially when you're growing up. Having a character on the screen that you can look up to ingrains confidence in those watching it- which is why female inclusion is key.

Despite the entertainment industry being dominated by male leads, these female lead shows definitely knocks them down a few pegs. Here are 8 bad-ass TV shows lead by strong female characters!

1. Scandal

Where to find it: Netflix / Hulu / Amazon Prime

Olivia Pope- she knows what she wants and she gets it. She’s the white house's secret weapon and has the President of the United States wrapped around her finger. Cross her and you may find yourself in a sea of misery.

"I am very good at what I do. I am better than anyone else. And that is not arrogance, that is a fact." - Olivia Pope

2. Jessica Jones

Where to find it: Netflix

She’s not your typical hero, but she has a lethal punch. Jessica Jones is one tough ass chick who's out for revenge. Don’t let that (occasional) smile fool you, she’s sarcastic with a hard attitude and isn’t interested in making new friends.

"My greatest weakness? Occasionally I give a damn." - Jessica Jones

3. Quantico

Where to find it: Netflix / Amazon Prime

Alex Parrish is a prime suspect in a terrorist attack and will do whatever it takes to clear her name. She’s a badass FBI agent with a kind heart who makes the toughest jobs look easy.

"Let's make today the day we stop doing anything we regret." - Alex Parrish

4. How To Get Away With Murder

Where to find it: Netflix / Hulu / Amazon Prime

Annalise Keating and her students find themselves in a series of sticky situations, or shall I say murders, that end up derailing the course of their lives. Annalise is a merciless lawyer with a work ethic and determination that makes the rest of us look pathetic.

"Prayers are for the weak- I'll stick to beating your ass in court." - Annalise Keating

5. Veronica Mars

Where to find it: Go90 / Amazon Prime

Veronica went from being her high schools “it girl”, to the one sitting at the loner table. Instead of obsessing over he said she said, she makes it her mission to crack down on the bad guys and solve her towns toughest mysteries. She’s quick-witted and funny with an intelligence that can’t be beaten.

"This girl ain't gonna be nobody's bitch. You better recognize." - Veronica Mars

6. Big Little Lies

Where to find it: Hulu / HBO / Amazon Prime

Three mothers- Celeste, Jane, and Madeline- find their seemingly perfect town begin to unravel with a murder mystery, secrets, and lies. If this show doesn’t prove that moms are one of the strongest and capable women, I don’t know what does.

"I love my grudges. I tend to them like little pets." - Madeline Martha

7. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Where to find it: Hulu / Amazon Prime

Buffy Summers has been chosen to seek out and kill vampires, but she also has to figure out how to balance the life of a normal high school girl. She takes shit from no one and has no problem crushing a few skulls (more like slaying a few) if that’s what it takes.

"From now on, we won't just face our worst fears, we will seek them out. We will find them, and cut out their hearts one by one. There's only one thing on earth more powerful than evil, and that's us." - Buffy Summers

8. Supergirl

Where to find it: Netflix / The CW

Kara Danvers is the cousin of Superman and grows up most of her life hiding her powers from her foster family, but those days of hiding out have come to an end when she’s recruited to a secret agency. Kara becomes Supergirl and uses her powers to protect the city and her loved ones.

"There is no correct path in life. You will lose your way many times. What's important is that you find your way back to the brave girl you always were. Be wise, be strong, and always be true to yourself." - Supergirl

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