Ever wonder how to start a conversation now in days? Here are a few subject starters to help you out!

The Latest Technology

Because everything is advancing we all want it so much!

The Latest App Update

If I had a nickel for every time someone tells me something new about Snapchat I would be able to pay my own tuition.

The Latest Meme

This is self-explanatory

The Latest YouTube Video

Who knows, it could be the next one to get a million views

The Latest Vine

If people still use it that is...

What We See On Our Social Media In General

Because someone somewhere will say something no matter how good, bad or ugly it is.


Since America is filled with different teams and sports someone will bring up this subject regardless.

The Weather

The most used topic, when none of these topics will work for you...

When absolutely nothing will work and they walk away, just politely say: