8 Things That People Who Own Big Dogs Can Relate To
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8 Things That People Who Own Big Dogs Can Relate To

Regardless of their shenanigans, dogs are our loving, wonderful best friends.

8 Things That People Who Own Big Dogs Can Relate To

Okay, so I own a pretty big dog, and I have had him for about five or six years. His name is Marley, but we are unsure of what type of dog he is; what we ARE sure of is that he's the most loving, frustrating, and silly dog, and he's my best friend.

Bigger dogs, like Marley, tend to do things that make you angry, or happy, or laugh, so I have compiled a small list of things that Marley does, and hopefully some of you dog owners can relate.

Note: I know some of these can apply to small dogs, too. I just only own big dogs.

1) The House is Never Clean

Whether it be some torn up play toy, pillows, tracked-in mud from outside, or hair all over the floor, the house hardly every stays clean. I know that everyday my mom comes home from work, she has to sweep our floors because they lie under a blanket of hair. I'm just glad we don't have carpet, or our house would be stained with muddy dog tracks. This point, though, brings me to my next one...

2) They Always Find a Way to Get Into the Trash

Marley is a smart, good dog, but he always gets into the trash one way or another. We keep our trash under the kitchen sink, and when we leave to go somewhere, he'll open that cabinet door with his paw and start chowing down and dragging trash all throughout the house. He knows he's in trouble when we come home because he'll slowly walk around the corner and poke his head out, ears flat on his head. Oh, and lets not forget when we take the trash out for the next morning. He likes to sneak into that trash can, too.

3) You Can't Turn Your Back On Your Food

Marley is sneaky, and he can steal food so quietly. I remember one time specifically my mom had made dinner, and I came home one night and there was none left for me. I ask my mom about it the next day, and she informed me that Marley had stolen the food that was sitting on the counter. In another instance, my mom had put her lunch on our coffee table in the living room while she was fixing something literally two feet away, and Marley had snuck over so quietly, took the food, and hurried off. I watched the whole thing, trying not to laugh. My mom's reaction was priceless when she went for a bite. Our food is never safe.

4) They Get Jealous

I don't know if any other dog acts like Marley when other animals get attention, but if we're petting the cat, Marley comes up, nudging and making noises begging for attention. He could be perfectly fine lying on his doggy bed, but if the cat jumps up in our lap, he's up, too, wanting attention.

5) They're Always Happy to See You.

When we come home, Marley greets us at the door and even helps us open the door. He's jumping around, whining, and smiling (yes, dogs can smile). After being inside all day, he refuses to go back outside until we've given him plenty of love.

6) They Want to Go Everywhere With You.

If we say the words "bye-bye," Marley will race to the car, wagging his tail waiting to be let in. He loves car rides. He's the type of dog that will stick his body halfway out of the window during the ride. He also likes to come up and rest his paws on the console or climb his way into the front seat, which is rather disruptive to my driving because he's so big. If he's on the console, he'll lean all of his body weight on me so that he doesn't fall over.

7) They're Bed Hogs

Marley sprawls out. If he beats us to the bed, we can count of having no room. He also likes to push up against us with his paws, and he's kind of heavy to push back. He also likes to lie in sideways positions with his paws in the air that sometimes tend to poke us in the face.

8) They Think They're Lap Dogs

Yes, Marley thinks he's a lap dog, meaning he will climb up on the couch or on the chair and plop down in our laps. He's heavy, and you can't see around his big body, but we wouldn't trade him for the world.

But, regardless of all his shenanigans, Marley is our best friend and a great dog.

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