Finals are an unavoidable evil that we must face before freedom. When finals week comes around, your stress levels shoot through the roof and all you can think about is how close to summer you are if you can just hang on for a little while longer. What better way to express the struggles we face during finals week than to utilize John Cena? In my opinion, there is none.

1. When you finally realize finals are imminent.

Where did all the time go? It was January five seconds ago.

2. The stress starts to get to you and you realize...

3. When you find out your final is cumulative and you remember a total of zero things from the semester.

Excuse me, professor? Can we maybe go over everything you've ever said to me ever? Thanks.

4. You have to laugh at all your mom's jokes so she'll take pity on you and give you money for food.

Yes, Mom. You're so funny. Hilarious, even. Now please help me. I need money for sustenance. Please.

5. How it feels when you pull an all-nighter for an 8 a.m. final.

One of the most painful things you will ever do to yourself ever. And yet here you are, doing it anyway.

6. When your coffee consumption has gotten to be too much and you start getting weird.

7. You finally just have to accept the fact you're going to fail.

This is fine. This is fine. I'm OK with this. Not a big deal, really. I hope Mom and Dad are OK with me living with them forever.

8. Managing to pass a final you were 10 thousand percent sure you were going to fail.

Never mind, Mom and Dad. You won't have to let me live with you forever. I got this.

Finals are stressful and you will struggle, but that's OK. You got this. I believe in you.