Sometimes in life, it's important to stop for a second and think about what you're doing before actually following through with your actions. But other times, things happen and you don't even have time to second guess yourself before doing something.

1. Helping a friend in need

Maybe your friend had too much to drink and needs someone to hold back their hair, or they got in a fight with their significant other and just need someone to lay in bed with all day, or they need you to skip class to drive them to the doctors. Whatever the case is you do it without even thinking twice.

2. Yellow Lights

If you hesitate, you're screwed. Just go or face the consequence of getting stuck at the worlds longest red light.

3. Buying an outfit that make you feel amazing

If you love the way it looks in the dressing room mirror then it's meant to be. Everyone knows how unflattering those things are, so just imagine how good that outfit actually looks beyond the poor lighting in the closet sized room. There's no price too high for feeling as hot as you are.

4. Taking a day off

If you wake up in the morning and really truly can't convince yourself to get out of bed, that's ok. Sometimes we work ourselves sick and never take a break. You're allowed to take a day to yourself to veg out and catch up on some Netflix.

5. Ordering dessert

Odds are you don't go out to eat often and if you've been eating well you deserve a treat. If theres something on the menu that catches your eye or you can't normally have, go for it. Odds are you won't regret it.

6. Compliment a stranger

If you like the shirt that random person on the train is wearing, or seriously love the way that girl's hair looks, just say something. You'll make their day and you have nothing to be embarrassed about because you'll never see them again. Even if you don't have anything nice to say, just smile at them, sometimes that's all it takes.

7. Lie for your friends

If your best friend is trying to escape the creepy guy at the party you step in without thought pretending to be her lover, or if she's avoiding plans you have no problem covering for her. You know they would do the same for you, so you usually ignore whatever the aftermath will be.

8. Text that person

You're probably retyping that message a million times but just go with your instinct and send the first thing you think of. Even if it's a little weird they'll probably be so happy you texted them they won't even mind. It probably made them laugh and now you've got yourself a conversation!

Sometimes just going for things without thinking can end up being the best decision, it can lead to new adventures, new friends, and new experiences you never thought you would have. And even if you do something rash and regret it, you probably still got a good story out of it.