8 Things I Have Learned At My All Women's College

I remember my college search well. I had my heart set on attending a large, co-ed state school or a university with a prestigious name. I had gone to public school all my life, and never in a million years would I have thought that I would end up at a Catholic women's college. However, my mind began to change in a crowded high school gym in the fall of my junior year at a college fair. I was introduced to Saint Mary's College, my future home away from home. I love it here, and I could honestly not imagine myself pursuing my education at any other institution. Throughout my one and about a quarter semesters at SMC, I have learned so much. Some of these things I have learned because of the fact that I go to an all women's college.

1. It is socially acceptable to not put on makeup every day.

Why would I? I'm not going to be meeting my future husbands in my classes.

2. It is also totally normal to dress in a sweatshirt, leggings, and Ugg boots for class.

That's my daily wardrobe for you.

3. Every guy has the potential to be attractive.

I will admit that I kind of think every guy is hot now just because I don't see them that often. Also, when a guy walks into a room of all girls, everyone is going to stare.

4. Friendships with other girls are super close.

I tell my Smicks everything. And I know they will keep it a secret.

5. But girls also get into the arguments about the stupidest things.

It's only natural I guess.

6. It is way easier to focus in class without guys.

You aren't worried about impressing anyone.

7. Female empowerment is one of the best things ever.

Being in a class with women who all speak their minds and don't feel intimidated by the presence of guys? YES! Women having all of the leadership positions on campus? DOUBLE YES!

8. Girls can be just as smart as guys.

Perhaps even smarter.

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