8 Things To Do During a Weekend Alone

8 Things To Do During a Weekend Alone

I promise, eating alone in public isn't as scary as it seems.

As exciting as college life can be on the weekends, sometimes you find yourself not knowing what to do with your two days of freedom. Maybe your friends are visiting home or going out of town. Maybe you just need a weekend to yourself. Either way, finding things to occupy your time can often be a challenge. Here are 8 things to do on a weekend alone.

1. Take a bath

Draw up some hot water, drop in your favorite bath bomb, and just relax. Maybe blast some music, read a book, or even attempt to watch your favorite Netflix series on your phone (proceed with caution). Baths are a great way to unwind and spend a little time with just yourself.

2. Go for a drive

It can be long, it can be short. Some alone time in the car is always a good way to spend some time with yourself. Blast the radio, belt out those lyrics you think you have memorized, roll down the windows, and just enjoy yourself. Maybe even explore a destination you've never explored before?

3. Go out to eat

It may sound scary at first, but there's a certain joy to eating your favorite meal all by yourself. There's no one there to judge for ordering a glass of wine and dessert. It also makes for a great time of people watching.

4. Go to a movie

You don't have to argue with four other people what movie to see; go alone and see whatever you want! You don't have to share your popcorn or drink with anyone other than yourself. Besides, it's much easier to find a seat for just one person.

5. Go shopping

There's nothing like spending a day with just you, your credit card, and all of the mall before you. It's therapeutic almost to spend the day looking at stuff you like, rather than what everyone else likes. You don't even have to buy anything, because sometimes browsing and simply trying on clothes is where the fun is.

6. Binge on Netflix

Who doesn't love a good Netflix binge every once in a while? Sometimes nothing really beats lying in bed with a bowl of ramen and watching two seasons of Friends in one sitting. Lazy days are some of the best days, especially when you need some me time.

7. Catch up on homework

I know, it doesn't sound like fun, but you'll thank me later. Think you have all of your homework done for the week? Wrong. What about that term paper lingering in the distance? Or that presentation next month? It's never too early to get a head start on a big project. If anything, maybe it's time to just look over your notes.

8. Revisit an old hobby

Maybe you enjoy drawing, but college has kept you too busy to do it. Maybe you enjoy knitting or simply reading a good book. Do something you truly enjoy doing, and let it fill your weekend alone with joy.

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Quotes of My Life

Some of the words that come to shape my life.

Quotes are such an important part of my life. I have a huge canvas in my room of quotes that I stare at everyday. I also have a couple of little ones on my dresser that I read. Someone once gave me a book of quotes to live by that I read from time to time. Most of the quotes that I have come to love are from music, books, television shows, or just ones that I have come across over the years. I wanted to put together a list of some of the quotes in my life that mean something to “me. If I wasn’t so scared of needles, I would consider tattooing one of these on myself but my fear of needles is far too great!

Here is my List:

  1. “Embrace The Glorious Mess That You Are.” -Elizabeth Gilbert. I think I found this quote on google when I was looking for something else, it struck a cord with me. To me, it means that you should embrace every part of yourself even the messy parts. I love this quote because of how relatable and real it is.
  2. “Roll all your windows down, Randall, crank up the music, grow out that fro, and let someone else make your bed.”-William, This is Us. SO many quotes on this show have left me sobbing on my couch, this one tops them all. This quote reminds you to live your life. Life is too short to worry about things, go out and live it.
  3. “A happy soul is the best shield for a cruel world.” -Atticus This one speaks volumes as the world can seem like such a cruel and unloving place at times, this is a good reminder to be happy.
  4. “You are enough”-unknown. It has taken me almost my whole life to actually believe this quote. Now that I do, I live a fuller and better life. I am enough. Believe it.
  5. “Though she be but little, she is fierce”-William Shakespeare - I relate to this quote because even though I am short, I can be fierce when needed! I love this quote so much.
  6. “She Believed she could, so she did”- R.S. Grey I used this quote for my graduation cap when I graduated college. It really summed up my entire college experience throughout all of the good and bad times, I was able to succeed.

These are just some of the many quotes that I live by. They all have struck such a cord with me and I hope that it will happen for you too.

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Photo Album: Eagle's Rest Is A Beautiful Overlook Practically In My Jasper, Georgia Backyard

Open your eyes to the beauty of this giant playground we call earth.

I absolutely love beautiful views, especially of places I've never seen before. One day on a lazy Sunday over at mom's house, I decided I wanted to go do something. It was a magnificent day out, and it felt like I was wasting it by sitting in the house. My mom mentioned a close by hiking trail my sister and her went to not long ago called Eagle's Rest. I lived in Jasper, Georgia for a total of four years before I became aware this place was here.

It is more an overlook and less a hiking trail, but the outstanding scenery is what makes it so neat. There are three different wooden perches you can walk up, and it allows you to get a better look down the mountain. The best part about Eagle's Rest is that it's only 15 minutes away!

Eagle's Rest on Mount Oglethorpe

I enjoyed leaning on the railing and gazing out into the beautiful landscape God created for us. When the sun shines on my face, its warmth comforts my soul and reminds me how blessed I am. This sensation relives me of all the stress in my daily life, and nature truly brings me peace.

I was so tickled this gem was so close to me, and I see myself coming back with my notebook to write on a breath taking summer sunset. I found a home in the mountains, and I haven't stopped falling in love with Georgia since I moved back here two and a half years ago. There is something about these woods that help relieve me of my anxieties.

Fall is a wonderful time of year in North Georgia. At my former job at the local pub, I remember seeing people from all over visit this place just to see the changing colors of the leaves. Pictures really don't do it justice, but the experience is worth it.

I spent the day with my amazing mother, and I took this photo without her knowledge. She is my greatest friend and knows me better than anyone else. Every bit of time spent with her is a blessing, and I would be lost without her presence. I was so happy when she agreed to go with me that day.

This tree stood out to me because it looked like the claw of a large predatory bird, dug into the ground, after it missed its prey. The shapes found in nature often times look mythical and mysterious, similar how kids would make shapes and images with clouds. Some might even say that there's even magic within the forests.

What makes this place absolutely adorable is that someone took the time to hand make tiny houses and stage them as if gnomes live in these woods. I thought this was such a cute thing to do, and kids would definitely enjoy this.

I even tested out the little door to see if it was functional, and it worked like a champ. My inner child was lit up, and I felt my youthful mind take over for just a second as I looked closely at all the intricate thought put behind the creation of each home.

I am a sucker for small figurines, and I have always been infatuated with mystical creatures. This place felt magical to me. You can tell someone put some real effort and love into making all these little homes. Look at the smokestack on that one; it's fantastic.

The creativity and design of it all just blew me away. I loved this one because of the moss growing over the roof's shingles, and the balcony on the side for the little gnome-owner to hang out. Whoever is doing this is brilliant.

Beautiful places are everywhere, some are in your neighborhood and would of never even known it. You have to open your eyes and see what a beautiful place we live in.

A day spent in nature with my beautiful creator, while thanking our Creator for his beautiful creations is the definition of peace to me. Everyone deals with stress in their own own way, and I learned the beauty of nature can silence my mind unlike anything else.

I am a natural born over-thinker, and when then things get hard, so does remembering to decompress. This led me to have a mental breakdown, and I found myself in the woods with a shattered soul. But I came out of the woods with a fresh mind, concluding that my mental health matters, that I needed to be well and OK. Now, when my life feels out of control, I turn to God's colorful earth to guide me. The land to cleanses my soul, and I give my worries to Him.

The universe doesn't need us, but we need the universe. So be kind to her.

Cover Image Credit: Chelsea Rhoades

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