For any girl who loves any sports team, we know the struggles of all the stereotypes that come along with our love for getting extremely into watching games. There is always the assumption that we watch them only to “impress” guys, or the accusation that we still don’t know anything about the sport as much as a guy would. Well, coming from someone who will yell your ear off while watching a Seattle Seahawks or San Antonio Spurs game, here are 8 things all girls who love watching sports want you to know:

1. We have more knowledge about our favorite teams than you think

There was one Halloween I used my Seahawks jersey as a last minute costume, and a guy literally came up to me saying I was going as a “girl who knows nothing about football.” He then proceeded to ask me multiple questions about the Seahawks, all of which I answered correctly. If a person loves their sports team, no matter their gender, then they love their sports team. It is absolutely ridiculous there is still a generalization that all girls know nothing about sports.

2. No, we’re not watching just to try and impress guys

This is probably the most infuriating accusation you can give to a girl who loves sports. I know it may seem like a super foreign concept that a girl can actually like sports and have immense knowledge over teams, but GASP, it’s possible.

3. The only time we’ll be in the kitchen during a game is at halftime, or when the game is over

If the outdated “girls belong in the kitchen” sexist comment isn’t enough, guys who expect girls to be in the kitchen during a game is even worse. I am not leaving the TV until there is a guaranteed break where I won’t miss any playing time. Besides, I’m probably too anxious to eat during the game anyways.

4. We do not just google players’ names to seem knowledgeable

I absolutely hate Twitter during the Super Bowl because I kid you not, I see at least a dozen tweets throughout the day where they say “girls be like” and shows girls googling a player’s name, and then tweeting “omg I loooove (insert said player’s name).” Um no, some of us actually watch every single game throughout the season, and come to know not only the player’s name, but how they play, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and probably want to marry them every time they make a gorgeous play.

5. Don’t ask us to hangout during a game

“Are you seriously going to stay in and watch three hours of a game instead of come out?” Well, yes.

6. We’re knowledgeable about other teams too

Yes, we obviously pay more attention to our favorite teams. But like any good fan, we keep close tabs on our enemies and conference foes, and will watch other games just to see how a future playoff picture will turn out. Don’t assume we just bandwagon, and accept the fact a lot of girls pay attention to sports just as much as guys do.

7. Sports teams’ merchandise or game tickets are the most romantic gifts you can get

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend obviously did not meet a girl trying to cop some playoff tickets

8. Never forget: girls can know just as much, and even more, than guys when it comes to sports

Gender has absolutely NOTHING to do with how much a girl watches a sport, falls in love with a team, and how much she roots for her team. Yes, I have a lot of girl friends who don’t pay attention to sports at all, but all the while I know just as many guys who could care less about watching a game too. Yes I am a girl, but I will lose my voice and cry and scream and do anything for my sports team. I love my team, and that’s all that matters.