8 Sundy Best Songs About Your Life
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8 Sundy Best Songs About Your Life

When you can't quite find the words to express how you feel, let Sundy Best do it for you.

8 Sundy Best Songs About Your Life
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Sundy Best is a local band out of Prestonsburg, Kentucky. They have three albums and are releasing a live album April 22. Originally comprised of an acoustic guitar and a cajón drum, played by Nick Jamerson and Kris Bentley respectively, the duo began playing in bars and now travel across the United States and Canada. Upon first hearing their music I felt a connection, and know that many others do too. If you haven’t heard of them, take the time to listen to these eight songs. You won’t regret it.

My roommate introduced me to Sundy Best in my freshman year of college at a time when I truly needed their music. Their songs have helped me through sad times, happy times, the times I was unsure, and the times I felt alone. They are goofy, lovable, and most of all, completely relatable. Let their music speak to your soul.

"Until I Met You"

"Until I Met You" is a song about how sometimes we meet someone that loves us so much, we end up changing. The lyrics talk about a boy who used to be wild and would break hearts for no reason until he met his girl, the girl. "Never was the kind of guy you wanted around/ there was nothing that I wouldn't do/ until I met you." You can relate if your significant other has changed you for the better.


The first time I heard "Lily" I broke down crying. The story of a break up that feels so incredibly real when you hear it. "Goodbye Lily, I'm gone for good/ Packed up my things like I said I would/ The road is dark and I can barely see/ Goodbye Lily, no more leaving me." The initial hurt and fear is perfectly captured in this song. Break-up songs are a necessity when you're going through one and this one can be listened to on repeat.

"These Days"

For all of the single people sick of the love songs and the break up songs, this is your anthem. A song about being surrounded by people in relationships and being someone who knows that right now, it's best just to be alone. "These days I stick to myself/ Don't need no one that I can't help/ Just taking my time walking on by/ When the time is right I'll change my mind." When the radio won't stop with the love songs, crank "These Days" and know wherever you're at in life is the right place for you.

"Smoking Gun"

"I've come from a long line of lovers/ A long line of saints/ But it skipped a generation/ And I'm fine with all I ain't." "Smoking Gun" is a song about admitting that you are who you are and that's okay. You're not perfect, you make mistakes, but at the end of the day, you're you. "There's a lot worse things I could be/ Than if I were anything less than the wreck that's me." It's okay to be a mess, it's okay to feel a little lost, but you're you, and that's something to be proud of.


Being in a long-distance relationship is hard. Being a long distance from anything or anyone you love is hard. This song is all about the distance between you and making it work. "But there's gonna be distance/ Between you and me/ Baby, I ain't scared/ It's meant to be/ We can make this thing work/ I guarantee." Distance is terrible, and sometimes you need a reminder that it's all going to work out and that you still love each other.

"It's So Good"

Sometimes, everything is going great, there are no worries and you can't imagine something better. You never expected to be here. Sometimes you need a song that you can listen to while you drive with the windows down, just relaxing. "And it's so good/ Got more than I ever thought I would/ Living in a white picket fence neighborhood." Sometimes things just couldn't be better.


"Hindman" is a song about Nick Jamerson's grandparents, a song that reminds us of the people who have truly built our families and built who we are. If you've ever known a couple that has been married over 50 years, if you've known that kind of love, this song will speak to your heart in ways others can't touch. "I was thirsting for something I just couldn't find/ From a life after war and a life after wine/ Yeah, I'd give up the smoking and my dirty mouth/ If I could just hold your hand/ If I could just take you out/ Thank God for Hindman." Our parents', grandparents' and great-grandparents' love stories are the building blocks of who we are and our future families.

"Home"/"I Wanna Go Home"

The chorus is simple, "I wanna go home," but the message is strong: home is where we grew up, it's where we learned our morals, it's where we became who we are now. It's where we lost our first tooth, fell off of our bike, went on our first date, and fell in love. And eventually where we'll be laid to rest. "Well, I was born here in Kentucky/ It's where my soul will rest in peace/ I've been all around this world/ There's no place that I'd rather be." We'll visit and live in many different places, but there is no place like home.

I've included links so you can easily hear each song. Their music and lyrics were written by them, two boys from Kentucky, who understand what it's like to live similar lives to ours. We can understand what they write about because we can understand what they've lived through and what they've seen. There's something to be said about music that strikes a chord with you.

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