For as long as I remember I have looked younger than my actual age. Anytime I go to a bar the bouncer takes five times longer looking at my ID than he does to look at anybody else's. I receive so many annoying comments due to the fact that I look a little younger than your average 23-year-old.

Here are some of the most common experiences you've probably encountered if you look younger than your actual age:

1. You can never leave your ID at home.

I will probably be 35 before I am ever not ID'd. I get ID'd for drinks, I get ID'd for R-rated movies and I get ID'd anytime I try to buy DayQuil at my local Walmart. I can't even buy certain paints unless I have my ID. Literally anything I do I need my ID.

2. You're constantly mistaken for a high schooler.

When I tell people I am a senior, they automatically assume I mean that I am a senior in high school and start asking me what colleges I am considering. I am a senior in college. COLLEGE!

3. High schoolers hit on you.

I cannot tell you how often high school guys hit on me. I am like "dude this is illegal I would be breaking the law just by responding to you" and I walk away.

4. People always think you're kidding when you say how old you are.

You're how old?! No way! Then I am quizzed on the year I was born, the year I graduated, etc. Please leave me alone. Okay? Thanks.

5. Everyone thinks you're the youngest sibling.

I am a twin, but I am two minutes older and people always think my sister is two years older. We are literally two minutes apart... and I am the older one!!! How does this happen? I don't get it.

6. You blend in with groups of children.

If a group of children walks by me there is about a 90 percent chance I will blend in with them. If the kids are fourth grade and above I will 100 percent blend in.

7. When you sit in the exit row of an airplane and you're asked if you're over 16.

I was only 16 seven years ago... It's fine. I'm fine. Everything's fine. Also, this literally happened to Zendaya the other day... does that flight attendant live under a rock?

8. "You will love looking so young when you're older."

You know... maybe I will, but I don't like it right now!

All in all, there are benefits to looking younger. You can buy student tickets and get student discounts much longer than the average person. I think I really will appreciate looking young for my age when I am older. So, all you tiny, baby-face people out there: appreciate it while you can, be proud of your age-defying self and don't forget the cardinal rule: never leave your ID at home!!!