Going separate ways from that person who knows you better than you know yourself is the hardest part of leaving for college. Unfortunately, as a result, you both have to face these struggles...

1. You have to figure out months in advance when you can see each other

2. You wish you could gossip about people and tell stories to one another in person instead of settling for over the phone

3. You miss partying together

4. You struggle to find time to FaceTime as you both have different schedules

5. When you see something that reminds you of your best friend, you have to settle for Snapchat to show them

6. You miss having that person who you can borrow clothes from and then eventually just steal them...

7. You wish you had that person around to complain about school together

8. You miss having that person who loves you no matter how crazy you are

Regardless of how many miles away you are from your best friend, you know that distance is just a number and that nothing will tear your relationship apart.