The 8 Stages Of Being Injured As A Dancer, As Told By 'The Office'

The 8 Stages Of Being Injured As A Dancer, As Told By 'The Office'

To injured dancers, from an injured dancer: we're in this together.

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For dancers, injuries are not fun at all. The recovery seems to go on for decades; you want to go insane while counting down the days until you can return to your studio and dance with your best friends again. Here are the 8 stages of injury for dancers, featuring "The Office:"

1. The moment you get injured

For some, injuries build up over time. For other dancers, injuries can be spontaneous. In whichever situation you are in, you immediately begin to panic in pain while thinking about everything you are going to miss and begin to count the number of hours you will spend on the couch resting and binge-watching your favorite show.

2. Receiving the diagnosis

Waiting in the doctor’s office is the most nerve-racking part of this whole process. When you find out what injury you have, you have to sit there and pretend like it doesn't hurt you and feel like your career is crumbling in front of you. You want to convince your doctor that just a little ice will help, but that will not work.

3. Being told the amount of time to sit out

You pray as much as you can before you figure out how long you cannot participate in dance classes. You think that ideally, a couple of days of rest would be great; however, this is not always the case. Even if your doctor tells you that you cannot dance for just a couple of days, you feel like the world is ending.

4. Trying to dance with your cast or boot

Admit it. Whether you are stuck in a cast or a boot, you try to dance a quick adagio on the living room floor, but you look pretty awkward because you can't do much. Yes, I always enjoyed doing petit battement on my cam walker boot. Fun fact: crutches will give you some great support and height in your grand jete.

5. Going insane from boredom

You start to feel as if a part of you has broken off. Dancing is a huge part of your life, and you're sooo lost without it. You try to pick up a new hobby, but nothing compares to dancing.

6. Watching dance videos on your phone

Your Instagram feed is mostly made up of your friends and favorite choreographers’ dance videos. You cannot help but want to cry over the fact that you're not the one dancing in these videos.

7. The muscle soreness

You start to worry about tight muscles after a long period of rest, and you totally can’t stop the progress of your flexibility. Your whole body begins to tighten, which is quite frightening. Everything. Hurts.

8. Returning to dance classes

YES!!! That countdown has reached 0 days, and you get the clearance to dance again from your doctor. Best. Day. Ever.

To all the injured dancers out there, from an injured dancer, don’t feel sorry for yourself. We are all rowing down the same rough stream in one boat; you are not alone. This may feel like the worst time of your life, but use it as a learning experience for your body. Rest as much as you can and listen to your doctors. When the time comes that you can dance again, your recovery will feel so distant that you will forget it all happened. Be strong.

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