8 Signs He's A F***boy
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8 Signs He's A F***boy

"You up?"

8 Signs He's A F***boy

"Please you're the only one I promise!" We've all heard that one before. Ladies, it's time to put a REAL MAN in your life. We don't need any more games. Here are some RED FLAGS to stay away from.

They Only Text You Late At Night

Ignore Go Away GIF by LaMusica - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

Usually between 12 p.m to 3 a.m. You'll receive the occasional "wyd" or "you up?" texts. No thank you, I'll stay in my bed instead.

All. He. Talks. About. Is. His. Frat.

Schitts Creek Please GIF by CBC


Oh you're in sigma apple pie? Wow I couldn't tell from your excessive snapchat stories of you and your "brothers".

He's Playing "Hard To Get"

Dots Hello Gif by Equal Parts Studio


One day he will answer within seconds, the next he won't open it all day. Annoying, next please.

"I Like You But I Don't Want A Relationship"

I Dont Do Relationships Gif


I'll give you a cookie if you haven't heard this one yet. I call this one the f***boy moto.

Never Puts You On His Social Media

Annoyed Kim Kardashion GIF


You ever feel like he's hiding you? Well, he probably is. He won't want to post you if he knows his side chicks will get mad.

You Never Talk About Anything Serious Or Personal

Schitts Creek Comedy Gif by CBC


Whenever you try and talk about your feelings, or really anything other than parties and hooking up, he will change the subject immediately. Run. Away.

"I'm not like other guys"

Pete Davidson Good One GIF


Once you hear this one, it's game over. By saying this, he definitely IS like other guys.

He Never Wants To Stay Over

Going Tracy Morgan Gif by Team Coco


Right after you're finished doing.... whatever you were doing, he will leave asap. Who knows where he's going next.

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