8 Rhode Island Internships Sites To Help You Land Your Dream Job

If you're a young adult in college, finally realizing that you're about to face the real world in just a few short years, I feel you. For so long, you've been trapped inside of the bubble that is school, both high school and college. You've convinced yourself that you're still learning and you have some time before you have to think about your actual career. But then, all of a sudden, you begin to realize that you don't actually have as much time as you thought. The reality is that you have to start using what you've learned in a real job setting, and that can be very scary. So, to help you along on this process of entering the workforce, here is a list compiled of different Rhode Island internship sites to help you land the perfect gig.

1. EmployRI:


2. bRIdge.jobs:


3. Internships.com:


4. Indeed:


5. Glassdoor:


6. LookSharp (Way Up):


7. Idealist:


8. RhodyNet:


This last one is strictly for students at the University of Rhode Island. It provides them with exclusive opportunities and connections, and students can even book appointments with the school's career center to focus on resumes, applications, and much more.

These sites allow you to include keywords regarding your major and career path, and leads you to internships in your area that correspond with your goals. With these sites, you have the tools you need to achieve your dreams.

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