If anyone knows me anything about me, you must know that I am in love with elephants. As I am writing this I currently wearing my Ivory Ella leggings and sweatshirt. I have about eleven stuffed elephants, five statues of elephants, clothes with elephants on it, phone cases with elephants, pictures/posters with elephants on them, a huge tapestry with an elephant on it, a blanket with an elephant on it, and many other items that have an elephant on it or is an elephant. I even have an elephant tattoo.

Elephants have been my passion for many years now and I constantly get asked why am I so obsessed with them. Honestly, at first I really couldn’t give a direct answer why I truly loved them it was just something about how they acted and carried themselves is what I loved. As time went on I came up with many answers. So here are some of the answers to why I love them and why you should too!

1. They are loveable

Elephants are social loving animals. I mean just look how accepting they are of us and if an elephant was like that with me I really don’t think I would ever let go. Elephants make me smile with their love no matter what you look like.

2. They are intelligent

Has anyone ever put an elephant in front of a mirror? Well, if you haven’t what happens is that they are able to recognize themselves in the mirror. They know who they are. Have you ever been able to put a dog/cat in front of a mirror and they can notice themselves?

3. They’re different

They look different from any other animal you’ve ever seen, they have a trunk, tusks and they’re massive in size. They have been closely related to the extinct mammoth and that is why elephants are so unique. As a young adult I’ve learned that being different is the best part of life. Being different is fun. Being different is free. Being unique is something so admirable either as human or an animal.

4. They’re gentle giants

This is related to the loving animals part, but they are like such gentle giants because they really don’t know their own size. They’re like a huge dog who thinks it’s a lap dog when it’s really not. These adorable giants are so gentle that they’re afraid of mice! (Me too, elephants, me too! I understand!)

5. They stick together

They’re really amazing when it comes to family bonds. They don’t abandon each other. They stick together through everything. They are always there for each other no matter what. Families that stick together like that really is beautiful in itself. It’s even more beautiful with their amount of loyalty to each other. Their loyalty shows their intelligence and how truly loving they are.

6. The way they communicate

Just like humans they’ve got a couple different ways of communicating. They can communicate through sight, smell, sound, and touch.

7. They are emotional

They’re such an emotional creature, that they have been known to mourn their dead loved ones.

8. They’re just so cute!!!

I mean just look at them! How could you not love them?