Acrylic nails are incredibly popular during prom season. I've been obsessed with getting them on for a while now, but through these months I've realized how annoying they can be. We see celebrities all over social media with these huge claws, but, honestly, these nails are more of a pain than anything else. Here are eight reasons why acrylic nails suck.

1. They're so expensive.

Nail salons range in prices, but every salon I go to has expensive prices. Maybe it's just cause I'm a high school student without a job, but acrylic nails are truly an investment.

2. Getting them on.

Getting acrylic nails on is a very intense process. The beautician literally sands off majority of your nail with a drill that always ends up ripping and tearing your cuticles and skin. It's important to mentally prepare yourself for the fact that once the drill is pulled out, your session will be far from relaxing.

3. Your hands will become incapable of doing basic tasks.

Whether it's typing, texting, dialing, or filing, your acrylic nails will be in the way. Most people can get used to the extra length and can relearn basic tasks, but that's after making 13 typos in a five-worded text.

4. EVERYTHING gets stuck under your nails.

Literally everything. Food. Condiments. Shampoo. Makeup. You name it. It's disgusting and the only way to get any of it out is with a high pressure sink.

5. Basic tasks are out of reach.

Acrylic nails make everything harder. Evolution did it's job correctly. We weren't made to have thick pieces of long, hardened gel on our nails, but for some reason we still do it anyway. Frustration levels must be through the roof when you can't even pick up a penny that fell out of your purse in the check out line of pick n save. And yes, you are picking that penny up. You need that penny because you just spent all of your savings on these fake nails that you're starting to regret.

6. Dress and sports codes.

Some schools have rules against nail polish colors and nail polish in general; let alone long acrylic nails. A lot of sports teams also have rules against nail polish color or length of nails. It does make sense though, you don't want to accidentally stab a teammate with your claws during practice.

7. Your nails get caught on everything.

It's so easy to forget about the inches of acrylic coming off of your nails, which leads to insanely painful injuries. I jam my acrylic nails into the ground almost every time I try to pick something up. Doors will also become your worst fear when you get acrylics. Make sure you pay attention when slamming a door because long nails make it way easier to crush your fingers.

8. They break easily.

Acrylic nails break off so easily. Some salons are nice enough to refill your nail for free but it's still a pain to go back and make an appointment. Not to mention, loose and broken acrylics hurt so much. If you bite your nails often, acrylics aren't the answer. You can still bite these off, it just hurts 20 times more.

BUT... if you can live through all of these things and do your nails right, you and your nails can look bomb AF.For real though, I love and hate my acrylic nails. Even if they get annoying, I still end up spending loads of money getting them filled. My wallet might look bad, but at least my nails look good.