8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Prison Break
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8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Prison Break

A show you won't regret watching

8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Prison Break

Back in 2005 when FOX introduced a new television action/crime drama called Prison Break, it was an instant sensational hit. The TV show, which was filmed at an actual prison called Joliet Correctional Center, is about a man named Michael Scofield (played by Wentworth Miller) who purposely gets himself sentenced to the same prison as his wrongly accused brother, Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell), who’s on death row in order to break him out. Along the journey of his mission, he makes quite a few enemies, but out of all this bad, he gained one true, loyal friend. The series lasted four seasons (2005-2009) and all of the episodes are currently available on Netflix. In case you were wondering why you should watch the show, below are a few reasons why you absolutely should at least consider it.

1. Michael’s Intelligence and Determination

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One of many things that is greatly admired throughout the series is how smart and on top of things Michael is. It takes a lot for one person to come up with a plan (that actually works) to break out of a federal state penitentiary. If someone has an issue (like breaking out of prison) he’s the first one to go to because he’s just that smart and his plans are genius.

2. Brotherly Love

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The show’s entire foundation is built on brotherly love. If it weren’t for Michael’s love for his brother, he wouldn’t just drop everything in his life and intentionally get himself sent to prison to help him out. Michael and Lincoln did whatever it took to look out for one another and have each other’s backs. It takes a certain type of deep affection and special relationship in order for anyone to do all of that for you.

3. Michael and Sucre’s Bromance

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Prison isn’t exactly the place where you would expect to meet a ride or die best friend, but that wasn’t the case for Michael and Sucre. Their friendship was inevitably planted since they were cellmates but overtime, that friendship blossomed into a full-blown brotherhood. The two had an immense amount of trust and faith in each other and continuously helped each other out. They truly made you value the meaning of friendship.

4. Michael and Sara’s Love Story

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From the first day that they met each other, you could tell there was some type of connection between the two. Their love tale slowly developed throughout the four seasons and the way they cared for each other tugged at your heart strings.

5. Plot Twists

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Left and right, there is always something going on – always something that you don’t expect to happen. This keeps you alert and prepared for anything.

6. The Tattoo

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Before devising a plan to go to prison and break his brother out, Michael was an engineer. The prison that his brother was sent to happens to be one of the places that he designed when he was actively working in his profession. He slyly designed and intertwined the blueprint within his tattoo. The tattoo is essentially used as his guide book to help him break out. As I said previously, he comes up with genius ideas.

7. A Brilliant Evil Villain

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Every good show needs a villain. Theodore Bagwell, nicknamed T-bag (played by Robert Knepper), is a devious yet smart and important character in the show. Many times as you’re watching you’ll want him dead, but he somehow always manages to get himself out of sticky situations. You can’t help but hate to love him.

8. Characters Are Killed Off Without Hesitation

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People you come to know, love and admire get killed off without the bat of an eyelash. This keeps you on your toes wondering who’s going to lose their lives next.

Back in May, it was announced by FOX that Prison Break is returning for a series of 10 episodes in the spring of 2017. Fans were ecstatic about the news and are impatiently waiting for the show to premiere once again. I highly suggest that you catch up on all the episodes before it returns in the spring. I promise that you won’t regret it!

Below is the new poster and trailer for the 2017 Prison Break. Have a fantastical week everyone xo.

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