8 Reasons Hokies Can't Wait to be Back at Tech

8 Reasons Hokies Can't Wait to be Back at Tech

Exit light, enter night.

With less than three weeks until I am back at Virginia Tech with my fellow Hokies, the countdown has officially begun, but let’s be honest — the countdown truly began the day we left Blacksburg for the summer.

Summer memories have been made and summer wages have been earned, but now the one thing on every Hokie’s mind is the number of days until we are back at our home away from home in Blacksburg, Virginia. Only Hokies will know what it is like to truly miss some items on this list, but to the outsiders, I hope you too can see why our heart is longing to be back at Virginia Tech.

1. Hokie football.

Winter, spring, summer and Hokie football are the seasons in Blacksburg. It's a.k.a. “Beamer Ball,” and it’s what our schedules revolve around in the fall. Tailgates, "Enter Sandman," Skipper, The Key Play, fireworks — what’s not to love about Hokie football? In just a few weeks, we will be back in Lane supporting our team, win or lose. Start jumping, Hokies!

2. VT Dining.

We’ve had our home-cooked meals for the summer, but now we are all looking forward to chicken parm, steak and lobster, hibachi, crepes and all of the other campus favorites. There’s a reason we are ranked number one for Best College Food and we will never let you forget it. And BTW, The Grillfield (one of our new food trucks) has arrived on The Drillfield and we can’t wait.


They’re even better than Drake's Views. Whether you’re at the Pylons, Burruss, the Duck Pond, Ag quad, on the Drillfield or looking out of the fourth floor library windows, the views you see on campus are like none other. We can’t wait to be back at school where we are surrounded by breathtaking views in any direction. You could say we're #Blessed.

4. Maroon and orange.

While at Tech, it’s a given that maroon and orange can always be seen in any direction you look. Returning to school from summer break means that fall is coming. When fall arrives, the leaves change colors and trees everywhere (including at UVA) glow with our beloved maroon and orange.

5. The mountains.

Adventure awaits while at VT. Located in the New River Valley, we are surrounded by mountains a.k.a. endless hiking trails. Whether it’s a sunrise hike at McAfee’s Knob, a hike to see the beautiful views from Dragon’s Tooth or a winter hike to the frozen cascades, we can’t wait to have the opportunity to spend time in the mountains again.

6. The Hokie Bird.

Of course he’s at football games, but you can also catch our favorite bird in dorms, on the Drillfield, in the library or anywhere else around campus. Everyone has at least one photo with The Hokie Bird, but it’s always a good time for another pic with the most famous bird on campus. After a summer without seeing the bird, we can’t wait to see him.

7. Bburg.

It’s a southwest Virginia college town, and we wouldn’t change it for the world. We love Virginia Tech, and we love Blacksburg just the same. Downtown, ghetto Kroger and Gucci Kroger, the Huckleberry Trail, Cabo Fish Taco, the farmers market and the locals are all things that make Blacksburg such a great town to go to college in. Tech wouldn’t be all that it is without the love and support from the Blacksburg community.

8. Hokies.

It’s great to be home with our family and hometown friends, but we miss our Hokies. We can’t wait to be reunited with our friends from school and jump into another year full of memories, mishaps and mountains. Let's go Hokies!

The countdown is on, and we are so excited to be back in the Burg!

Cover Image Credit: Reddit

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Choose Passion Over Money Because You'll Be Left With No Regrets

Why it is so hard to choose a career path at 18.

A recent conversation with a friend about college, careers, and the future left me pondering what is it that we really want out of this life? From as far back as I can remember in my academic career, going to college was something that was stressed, and essentially made out to be the normative thing to do after graduation. While I always knew I wanted to get a college education, it's what comes after that which leaves me a bit puzzled as I go through my undergraduate years as a college student.

When I started college, I chose English as my major, because the only thing I really knew that I enjoyed was reading and writing. However, I quickly learned that this was not a popular choice among friends and family. "What can you do with an English degree besides teach or write?", and "how do you plan to make money with that major?" were common questions that I had few answers for. I wasn't thinking so far ahead as choosing possible careers, or what would score me the highest salary, I was just making a choice based on passion. Is that really such a bad thing?

Now, I am halfway to earning my Bachelor's degree. I am a Political Science major with a concentration in Pre-Law, as well as a minor in Psychology. A total 180 from English, I know. So why the change? I figured I could always have a passion for reading and writing, without going to school for it. So I decided to find a new area of study that I enjoyed and could possibly see a future in. After changing my major, I started highly considering going to law school after finishing up with my undergraduate studies. Needless to say, my family was ecstatic. I went from being grilled with questions about my future to constantly hearing "that's amazing" and "we are so proud of you" at any mention of practicing law. Why the difference?

While I did not change my major because of the opinions of those around me, I have noticed a huge change in the reactions I get when talking about my choice of study. The reason? Probably because law school, to most people, sounds like a ticket to bigger bucks than a degree in English. I do have a passion for reading and writing, and I do have a passion for law. But the question is, do we choose our majors, careers, or paths in life based on money or passion? Some would say choose whatever gives you the best of both worlds. My opinion? Money isn't everything.

I've always loved the quote, "love what you do, and you'll never work a day in your life". Nobody wants to be broke, or struggle to pay bills, but personally, I also don't want to hate what I do for a living, or dread going into work everyday just to get a nice paycheck. I've also started to realize passion and money aside, I want to do something with my life that is much bigger than myself. I want to do something that shapes me into the best version of myself that I can possibly be, and realize that there are things much more important than the little stuff I worry about. Will this path make me millions? Probably not. But will I feel satisfied and joy in what I do? Absolutely.

If money is your motivation, then by all means go after it. But if you're stuck between doing what you love, or having a better income, choose passion. Every time. You won't ever regret doing what you're most passionate about, but I can guarantee that if you do something just for money, one day you will look back and wish you hadn't. You might not have the biggest house, or the nicest car, but if you can honestly say that what you do makes you happy, that's what matters most.

Cover Image Credit: Mike Stone

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