The time is here, it's finally October! With that being said, it's time for one of the best holidays around. You guessed it, it's Halloween!


If you're anything like me, you started planning your Halloween costume since the beginning of September. Or let's be honest, you probably started planning at the end of Halloween last year.

Whether or not you dress up, Halloween is an awesome holiday for multiple reasons. Here are a few reasons why Halloween is the best holiday around.

1. You get to play dress up.

Admit it, the best part of Halloween is dressing up. I mean sure, you can dress up like a ninja turtle every day of the year, but doing it on October 31st is a lot easier to explain.

2. Free candy.

This one is an obvious one. I mean, you can eat candy all year but nothing beats free candy on Halloween. Even after Halloween, stores have large sales of candy and getting a giant bag of M&Ms for $2 is what I like to call a great deal!

Let's not forget that candy corn is also a thing.

3. Scary movies

Every year I look forward to the long scary movie marathons on TV. Not to mention that October is a great time for new scary movies to be released in theaters. If you are a horror lover like me, Halloween is the best time for some extra spooks.

4. Haunted Houses

Halloween is the perfect time to go visit a haunted house. I love walking around town and seeing different signs advertising the many haunted houses around the area. If you aren't too big on getting scared, it's always fun to go with friends and watch them go from brave to scaredy-cat.

5. Great for all ages.

Holidays such as Christmas are funner when you are younger and believe in things like Santa. Halloween is an all-around great holiday no matter what age you are. Whether you're a child who wants to trick-or-treating, or an adult who wants to hit the parties, there is something for everyone to do on Halloween.

6. Pumpkin carving, oh my!

Let's not forget the pumpkins! Going to a pumpkin patch is a great activity to do with your loved one. Pick up your big orange pumpkin, take it home, and turn it into a masterpiece. Whether you like traditional pumpkin faces or a more creative look, pumpkin carving is a great activity to do!

7. Halloween stores

Ask any of my friends, if we go out and I see a Halloween store, I'm definitely going to take a look around. Halloween stores carry a large variety of costumes and decor, not only giving you an idea of what to dress up as, but also giving you a good pass time. I love going into Halloween stores and activating all of the creepy robotic monsters.

8. Fun

Halloween is such a fun holiday. You get to dress up, eat candy, and get the pants scared right off of you. What could be better?

You may only enjoy Halloween for the candy or use it as an excuse to dress up, but either way, there is no denying that Halloween is the best holiday around! Get your broom and wand ready, Halloween is coming to town!