8 Reasons Gender Reveal Parties Are Awesome

8 Reasons Gender Reveal Parties Are Awesome

A response to "Stop With The Gender Reveal Parties!"


Gender reveal parties are the latest trend for expecting parents. For anyone unfamiliar with the event, it’s basically a get together for close family and friends where parents-to-be use some fun, creative way to announce the gender of their baby. These parties have also incited some major grief.

I’ve stumbled upon several articles criticizing the very existence of these happy events, and one particularly biting piece caught my attention. While I fully respect his opinion (as grumpy as it may be), I’d like to present some points that perhaps did not cross the naysayer’s mind when he cursed the day gender reveal parties were born. They may not be your first idea of a wild time, but here are eight reasons why they are still totally awesome.

1. You get free food.

What in this world is more enticing than free food? These events are always stocked with snacks; some even have barbecue!

You get to enjoy an entire meal courtesy of two people who are about to give birth to a monetary vacuum. Enjoy your last chance to eat on the parents’ dime. It will probably be a while before they can treat you to dinner again.

2. You don't need to bring a present.

You get food and you give NOTHING! You literally just have to show up. There’s no pressure to choose the perfect gift or navigate lengthy registries.

Plus, no presents means no awkward present opening. You don’t have to watch for thirty minutes as the mama-to-be unwraps a mountain of goodies.

3. You get to enjoy the company.

Gender reveal parties tend to be more low key than showers, meaning a smaller guest list. That eliminates distant relatives that you barely know or estranged friends from way back when.

If you’re lucky enough to make the guest list, odds are you’re pretty tight with the expecting twosome. You’ll most likely be familiar with at least some of the guests and be in a comfortable environment where you can move about freely and catch up with whoever you please.

4. You can bring your beau.

Baby showers tend to be a ladies only event, but gender reveal parties are not. You can bring a date!

Having a co-ed affair means including male relatives and close friends who are otherwise often left out of the baby preparation process. While some men may prefer it that way, there are many who want to show their support and be included.

5. You get to spend time with the parents-to-be.

It’s a common complaint that new parents are difficult to get ahold of. They’re so busy that they often fall off the social map altogether, at least for a little while.

Take this opportunity to spend time with your pals before they’re responsible for maintaining a tiny helpless human. It’s a lot easier to spend quality time with them now than it will be in a few months. Trust me.

6. Mom-to-be isn't uncomfortably pregnant (yet)

Pregnancy is a magical time, but that gain comes with a considerable amount of pain. Mama’s body has already undergone a whirlwind of changes and those changes are about to become even more drastic.

Celebrate with a woman who can walk around without feeling like she’s carrying a bowling ball in front of her. Ask her how she’s been feeling, offer words of comfort, and enjoy an event where she can have fun and (hopefully) feel comfortable.

7. You're celebrating a huge event.

You may not be interested in having your own children, but there’s no denying that it’s an enormous life step. It’s permanent, life changing, and permanent. And life changing.

Yes, you’re finding out the gender of a baby, but you’re also celebrating the creation of a brand new human life. Much more superfluous occasions have received celebration with far fewer complaints.

8. You can just not go.

If nothing on this list appeals to you, there’s always the brilliant option of just staying home. Maybe you’re not into the baby scene, or you’re struggling to conceive, or you’re going through a rough personal time and don’t want to watch a couple being all cutesy together. It happens. And it’s perfectly fine.

The show will go on with or without you. Just RSVP no, offer a quick text of congratulations, and move on. It’s that easy! You don’t have to suffer through an uncomfortable event just to save face. If you truly don’t want to go, let the couple celebrate and find something you enjoy to occupy your evening.

Next time you get an invite to a gender reveal party, keep these positive aspects in mind. They’re fun, joyous events that are not intended to hurt your feelings or ruin your day. They’re meant to be a celebration – so go ahead and celebrate!

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