8 Points Everyone Can Add to Their Bucket List
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8 Points Everyone Can Add to Their Bucket List

No matter who you are, these are eight things that everyone should do before they die.

8 Points Everyone Can Add to Their Bucket List

When I was younger, I wrote a very thorough list that included everything I wanted to accomplish before I died. Some people might refer to this list as a "bucket list'. Looking back on everything I included on that list I’ve noticed that there are a million things I could definitely remove. (For example, the part where I said I should "marry Taylor Lautner before I die" probably wouldn't be missed from my list.) I’ve also realized that there are millions of points I could add to my list because of how drastically different my opinions and values are now compared to when I was eleven. But the last thing I’ve noticed, is that there actually are a few similarities between my bucket list from when I was younger and my bucket list from today. If we looked at a large group of people’s bucket lists, we would recognize that none of the lists would be exactly the same. One list might say, “I want to go the moon before I die” and another might say, “Before I die I want to live in the suburbs with a large family and a loving husband”. The cause of the vast differences between people’s lists is because you will never find two people who are exactly the same. Everyone will have a large collection of different goals and desires for their lives. But I believe that there are a few points that everyone should add to their bucket list. Here’s a list of eight things that everyone should accomplish before they die.

1. Find Your Passion

Whether it’s a sport, a career, a person, a pet, a hobby, or even a TV show you’ve been binge-watching on Netflix, use these things that you’re passionate about to motivate you in life. Use the energy you receive from being completely devoted to these specific aspects of your life and use it to accomplish every goal of yours. Find out what your answer to the question, “What gets you out of bed in the morning?” would be.

2. Do What Makes YOU Happy

As teenagers, a lot of us are told that from high school we go to college, and then from college we go on to have a career. But what if going to college right away doesn’t sound ideal for you? Or what if your desired career isn’t the most conventional? Who cares! Your life is a completely blank canvas and the only person you’re painting this picture for is yourself. Sadly, a lot of kids’ lives are controlled by their parents’ opinions. But make it your mission in life to create your own life. One day, I want you to look back on your life and be proud of the decisions you made and the actions you took that led you to to this specific point in your life.

3. Experiment With Your Look

Be adventurous with your style and your identity! Try out a new hair color or hairstyle, experiment with new makeup looks, and go shopping every once in a while for some clothing you feel great in! Experimenting with your look is a great way to keep things exciting in your life and it gives you an insane boost of confidence.

4. Have NO Regrets & Always Try Your Best

We’ve all had those moments when the little voice inside of our head is trying to talk us out of doing something. Sometimes that voice inside of our head is really smart and keeps us from doing incredibly stupid things. But other times, that tiny voice is actually holding us back from a lot of amazing experiences. The next time you’re debating on whether or not to do something, take my advice and just go for it! Try and go through life with no regrets because one day, you might look back and feel extremely guilty that you never accomplished something you had the opportunity to do. So take advantage of every opportunity that’s given to you, try your hardest in any challenge you’re faced with, but please remember to always be safe!

5.Fall in Love With Yourself

You might be able to find “Before I die..I want to fall in love with someone” on multiple bucket lists. But for some people, falling in love with someone else or getting married might not be a priority for them. Something I believe in though, is that every single person should be able to fall in love with themselves before they die. Learn to love yourself and every aspect about who you are as a person. Fall in love with your body, your mind, and have a personality that’s stronger than any amount of self-doubt could destroy. Approach any situation with a confident mind and walk down any hallway with your head held high. Just like any other relationship, there will be rough patches that can’t be escaped. In the process of learning to love yourself, try your best to work through any insecurity you may have. Before you die, please learn to accept yourself and be confident in who you are. You’d be surprised how much self-confidence can change your life.

6. Try New Things

I know that a lot of people aren’t the most open when it comes to trying new things, but believe me, once you’ve started exploring the world, it’s really hard to turn back. Whether the “new thing” is going to a new country or trying sushi for the first time, use these experiences to keep things interesting. Make it your goal to try something new every month, every week, or even every day! Each new thing you try will be another adventure added to your “resume” of life.

7. Make a Difference in the World

Set a goal to make a difference on this planet. Find a way to reach out and change something you feel strongly about. No matter how small the change is, and whether it affects one person or a whole group of people, just go for it! And later on, you'll be filled with pride as you look back on the accomplishments you’ve made.

8. Find Positive People

Lastly, find a friend or a group of friends that make you a better person. Find people that make your life joyful and make every experience with them an adventure. Everyone needs some love and support at times and that’s why I believe finding a positive friend or friends should be on your bucket list. Not everyone can walk through life alone; almost all of us need someone to walk along with us on our journey through life.

These eight points are just suggestions you could possibly add to your bucket list. The point of this article isn’t to remind everyone to go and physically write a bucket list with every goal of theirs right after they finish reading this. By writing this article, I wanted people to just stop and think about their passions, hopes, and dreams. I also wanted people to appreciate the things they have already accomplished in life and begin thinking about the events that they’ll experience in the future. Remember to live each day like it’s your last and fall asleep each night being proud of the day you’ve just experienced. Lastly, I want to remind you that “crossing off your bucket list” is not a race. Experience life slowly and enjoy every moment. Don’t get so caught up in your goals that they completely overwhelm you. Live in the moment and enjoy the path life takes you on. Of course you can always change aspects of your life but learn to appreciate the life you have at the moment, because it’s the only life you’ve got.

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