8 Perks of Having a Roommate

Having a roommate is like having a live-in best friend, which means there are so many perks that come with this living situation.

1. Your personal hair stylist

Your roommate is always there to save you when your hair is just not agreeing with you, especially when they can french braid.

2. The ultimate outfit decider

Because if you're like me, you can't chose an outfit to save your life. But, now you have you roommate to help you pick the best outfit for the day!

3. 24/7 therapist

Best friends are always there to help you through anything, and now you have a best friend there literally all the time.

4. Human alarm clock

Sleeping through your alarms won't be a problem when you have someone there to wake you up (and forcefully if needed).

5. Loneliness = Gone

You can't be lonely when your best friend lives with you, especially if their bed is literally 2 feet from yours. You now have someone to hang out with all the time.

6. The solution to your laziness

You want something from across the room? You left the TV remote on your desk? You want the light off? No problem, your roommate can get that for you.

7. Procrastination is a thing of the past

You now have someone always there to get your ass in gear when you are ignoring your work.

8. Sharing!!

They have good food? cute clothes? your favorite movies on DVD? a car? Whatever is theirs is now available for you to borrow!

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