8 Old School MTV Shows Every 90's Kid Wants To Watch Again
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8 Old School MTV Shows Every 90's Kid Wants To Watch Again

We want them back!

8 Old School MTV Shows Every 90's Kid Wants To Watch Again

If you were born in the 90's there were so many MTV shows that we all lived for and are dying to see return to the airwaves.


This show was literally the human version of Tinder. The girl or guy playing could swipe left or right on their options, except it was completely in person. NEXT was that show you watched right when you got home from school and kept binge watching until they stopped airing it (RIP).

2. Pimp My Ride

Pimp my ride was just THAT show. Everyone loved it, and everyone secretly hoped that Rapper Xzibit would show up to their house to give their car the ultimate glow-up. Cars would go into the shop looking like Kylie Jenner circa 2012, and come out looking like 2017 boujee Kylie.

3. Parental Control

Parental Control was the ultimate way for every parent to openly throw shade on whoever their son or daughter was dating at the time. If you're not from the 90's and have never seen this show before, here's a visual: Parental Control would be if your parents created a Tinder for you and chose who they thought you should date. This show was iconic to say the least.

4. Punk'd

If you weren't already in a deep obsession with Ashton Kutcher from That 70's Show, or Grounded For Life, you definitely were while Punk'd was on MTV. Ashton was the OG prank god, and his pranks were legendary. Ashton was known for pranking celebrities including Kim Kardashian way before her Kimoji's were taking over.

5. Jackass

This was the show your parents would actually choose to watch with you. It was one of those shows where you really ask yourself why you're watching grown men do stupid shit for television, but you also can't look away at the same time. If you need some insight about what kind of crazy stuff they do, watch the episode where Steve-O voluntarily gets his butt cheeks pierced together.

6. Made

Made was the type of show that made you feel things. Every episode was a different person trying to achieve something they have always dreamed of doing. Some people on the show could not handle the heat, but some people actually accomplished what they set out for. All around 10/10 show.

7. Life Of Ryan

Here's the difference between kids from the 90's, and the generations after that... Harry Styles and Justin Bieber were not the boys I first swooned over. Ryan Sheckler was the guy I obsessed over. Posters from J-14 Magazine were always purchased by me so I could pin Sheckler up on my wall.

8. The Andy Milonakis Show

Finally, saving the BEST for last: The Andy Milonakis Show.... or should I say the Shmandy Shmilashmakis Show? Andy Milonakis is like that one kid from middle school that you'll always remember as the class clown. He is like that one friend that you that you have and genuinely wonder how they come up with the things that they say.

If you weren't born in the 90's and have never seen an episode of any of the shows I've listed, do yourself a favor and watch them. In the words of Andy Milonakis "Excuse me now, I gotta get my tree fed".

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