8 Gifs That Totally Sum Up What You're Feeling During Finals Week

8 Gifs That Totally Sum Up What You're Feeling During Finals Week

The true feelings behind finals week told through gifs.

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It's that time of year again when coffee is running through our veins and sleep is non-existing. It's also that time of year again when we I personally like to spend time looking at memes and GIFs instead of actually studying.

Here are some of my personal favorite GIFs that clearly show how many of us are feeling during finals week.

1. We Need Those Naps

If anyone has actually squeezed in a nap between studying and working on their projects, please write a book on how to manage the time and anxiety of doing that. SEND ME A COPY, ASAP!

2. Where are my pals at?

Sometimes, we just need someone to give us a friendly reminder that everything will be okay. Even if it seems like it won't be... Which is how I feel 100% of the time during project week! Ah!

3. Yes, Kim... We can all relate

I agree with you Kim on this one. Procrastination is at the highest level it can be during finals week. But just keep in mind that if you keep on saying, "I'll start tomorrow," soon you won't have any tomorrows left!

4. If it's comfortable, it's a bed.

If you're missing out on sleep. It's very tempting to close your eyes, even if it's just for a minute. Just be careful that you don't end up falling asleep and missing a final! Those few minutes of sleep would be nice, but so would passing your class!

5. Goodbye, world. Goodbye, life.

We all have those moments when three 10 page essays and a presentation on the scheme of killing Abraham Lincoln to be overwhelming and life draining. It's just that time when we all want to hide under our blankets and binge watch our favorite show, but that's what's break for, right?

6. Zero Percent Sure

When it comes to studying for certain finals there are times when you think that you have no idea what you're doing, which can be rough, but hey at least you for sure no one thing... That one thing being that you have no idea what you're doing. (Don't be afraid to ask your professors, it's their job to answer your questions).

7. After all this...

After all the studying and the glue stick buying; finals are upon us and it's time to ace those test. Afterwards, take some time and just process what just happened and how nice it will be to be back home and watching Netflix.

8. You did it!

Yay! Grades are in and it's time to party or not (depending on what kind of grade you got)!

Happy Finals Week!

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