8 Fitness Influencers You Should Be Following In 2020 If Your New Years Goal Is To Get Healthy

8 Fitness Influencers You Should Be Following In 2020 If Your New Years Goal Is To Get Healthy

Getting the right kind of inspiration is the best first step.

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The New Year is coming up, the holiday season is slowing down, and everyone is questioning what day of the week it is. Some have gone back to work, and others keep eating Christmas cookie after Christmas cookie while rewatching every Hallmark movie on the network.

December 31st is quickly approaching, and it's time to get our "New Year, New Me" attitudes back in shape. If your goal is to get healthier this year, and you are actually going to stick with your goal, you should be following these 8 fitness influences on Instagram for the best workouts, recipes, and daily inspiration:

Natacha Oceane

This British athlete is my newest find, and she inspires me to be happier and healthier every day. Her main presence is on her Youtube channel (@natachaoceane), and she is sure to whip you into shape in seconds. Her 15 minute HIIT workouts are my go-tos when I'm feeling lazy, but also still want to move. They definitely require a shower at the end.

Whitney Simmons 

Whitney is another recent find of mine, and her Instagram workouts inspire so many of my workouts, whether I'm at the gym or at home. I also love how real, open, and honest she is about her struggles.

Amanda Arnold

Also known as @amandaa_fit, this gal's workouts are intense, yet simple to follow at the same time. I love how she uses videos for each workout move she demonstrates, and she keeps it real all while doing so. She understands that working out is not supposed to take up hours of our day, so I love how she gets me in and out of the gym in an hour or less.

Jen DeCurtins 

Jen was one of the first fitness influencers I started to follow, and I found her through her blog, Peanut Butter Runner. She is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and trainer, all-around healthy living mama. I love following her yoga flows on Youtube because they are intense and are sure to make you sweat! She also has the cutest son, Finn, and golden retriever, Zoey.

Sam Gwaz 

Known by her Instagram handle, @thesamplan, Sam posts different workout and real life photos and videos. I originally started following her because her body shape was similar to mine, and I loved having that as inspiration. I also love how real and open she is with her past (and current!) struggles.

Jill Coleman 

I found out about Jill (@jillfit) through my psychologist at school! She posts quick, INTENSE workouts that can usually be done in 30 minutes or less, which I love!! She also demonstrates what it means to have a positive mindset around food, exercise, and having a healthy body image! She also has a podcast that is amazing (@thebestlifepodcast)!!

Kayla Itsines 

Most people have probably heard of Kayla's 28-minute HIIT workouts that are known to crush you by the end! She is from Australia, but is internationally known for helping women become healthy and happy. I love following her SWEAT workouts through her app, or following a few other people who also lead workouts on her SWEAT app!

Grace White

I used to be absolutely obsessed with Grace's workouts that I found through her blog (A Southern Drawl/Fit with ASD). They are a little longer in duration, but are worth the intensity at the end! Her workout outfits are also perfect, and I want to steal every single one from her closet!

When I scroll through my Explore tab on Instagram looking for new and fun workouts, I always make sure that the people I follow are certified trainers/nutritionists, etc. so that I know what I am doing is research-based. I also make sure to only follow people who promote a healthy lifestyle. If an influencer posts about dieting, supplements, etc. I am 100% not going to follow that person, no matter what!

Happy exercising and you're going to CRUSH your 2020 goals!

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