Edgar Allan Poe is by far my favorite author, and has been since about the 7th grade. When my parents gave me his complete works for Christmas one year, I carried it with me everywhere and never let anyone else touch it because it meant so much to me. The other day, I was looking through it and saw all the poems I had marked with post-its. These poems are the ones I had deemed my favorites a couple of years ago, and looking back at them, that decision still stands. I managed to whittle the list down to eight (otherwise we'd be here all day).

1. Romance

2. Enigma

3. The Raven

4. The Bells

5. Annabel Lee

6. Sonnet - To My Mother

7. A Dream Within A Dream

8. Sonnet - To Science

There you have it — eight poems by Edgar Allan Poe that I deem essential. Keep in mind that not all of these photos include the entirety of each poem, so I encourage you to look them up. Who knows? Maybe Edgar Allan Poe will become your new favorite author.