You've spent countless hours staring at a computer screen. Tedious studying, creating projects, and BSing papers have consumed your life for the past week. You're tired, over-caffeinated, and brain dead.

But good news: you made it! You've made it to the point of relaxation. Exams are over, papers are turned in, and projects have all of their final touches completed! Now it's time to go home for the holidays, and waste some well deserved time!

Here are 7 things that are completely acceptable to do on your first week home after you've completed finals:

1. Just sit or lay there, and vegetate.

You don't even have to say words. You don't even have to be sleeping. Or you can—it's completely up to you. Just sit there and bask in the fact that you are finally free after all of that work you just accomplished. Doing an activity while sitting is not required while vegetating.

2. Binge watch for a solid 24 hours.

Your brain has been overworked. It's time for it to do nothing. Get in your least important clothes, grab a snack, and curl up with a comfy blanket on the couch. Give your brain a solid 24 hours of a made up story line, and it will have all of the relaxing it needs!

3. Let out a good cry.

You know you've been wanting to. Finals were a stressful and emotional time, and you put yourself through a lot. No shame. We are not here to judge you. In fact, letting out a solid cry is healthy.

4. Bust out the wine.

If you go to a university like mine, you're finally allowed to be off of their rules and expectations. You've dedicated yourself to your studies for an entire semester, so you definitely deserve a drink! After 5 long months, bring out the bottles and taste the relaxation!

5. Wake up whenever.

The first week that you are home can also be known as the recovery week. You haven't been on a normal sleeping schedule for a while, so why start now? Sleep when you want, and wake up when you want. How often can you be this free?

6. Rethink why you are doing this to yourself.

It's fine to question why. You just went through a really stressful week, and it's okay to wonder why you are doing this to yourself, and if it's all worth it? As long as you don't quit. But still questioning why is completely acceptable at this point.

7. Eat a lot of comfort food.

Living on Ramen noodles and microwavable mashed potatoes isn't necessarily ideal. Think of this as making up for all of those meals that weren't actually real meals or snacks. So of course, pig out to your heart's content. After all, you're on vacation!

Do you. You deserve it. We aren't here to judge. But most of all, enjoy being home surrounded by your loved ones. That is the best type of therapy after finals.