It's no secret that being in college is really expensive. Between tuition, food, and everything you want to do and buy, it's easy to drain your bank account. Fortunately there are a lot of companies out there that understand us. Here are a bunch of deals that you can get just for being a student:

1) Amazon Prime Student

Prime Student starts by giving college students a free 6 month trial of Amazon Prime. That includes free 2 days shipping on Prime items, free streaming of Prime videos, TV, and movies, unlimited photo storage in Prime photos, and many more offers. After your free 6 month trial, you are eligible for 50% off Amazon Prime.

2) Groupon Select Student Program

Groupon, the e-commerce marketplace that offers discounts to different activities, stores, restaurants, goods, and many other things also has a student program. They offer 25% extra off of local deals for 6 months and then 15% off for the remaining time you are a student after that.

3) Spotify + Hulu + Showtime

Get 3 in 1 with Spotify Premium for Students. Spotify Premium for Students gives students nearly half off on Spotify Premium and includes a free Hulu ad-supported plan as well as a free Showtime account.

4) Adobe Software

The software company gives up to 60% off their products for students and teachers. College is a great time to learn and utilize this software. They also offer a free week trial before purchase.

5) The Wall Street Journal

Many students may be required to have access to the Wall Street Journal for class, especially business students. The Wall Street Journal offers 75% off regular prices if you are a student.

6) State Farm

The last thing you want to think about when you're away at school is car insurance, especially expensive car insurance. Fortunately, State Farm offers a discount to students just for getting good grades!

7) FedEx Student Discount Club

Shipping things home? FedEx lets you save 20-30% off shipping packages with their Student Discount Club.

8) Apple

Apples offers a variety of different discounts if you show your student ID. One of them is 5% off of most purchases.