8 Pieces of Advice to college freshmen To Help You Make The Most Out Of Your First Year

8 Pieces of Advice to college freshmen To Help You Make The Most Out Of Your First Year

Follow these so you aren't the person upper-classmen on campus roll their eyes about thinking "freshmen"


As a college freshman, there were certain things that I expected and some that I didn't. Overall, most of these pieces of advice seem obvious, but when you are thrown into the college scene, everything that you once knew has changed and even the most obvious things are easy to forget. Don't get caught up in the stress, and follow these eight tips.

1. Go to class.


In high school, it was easy to not want to go, but you lived with your parents who would ensure that you went to school. Because college comes with so much independence it is easy to skip class. In most classes, though attendance counts towards your grade. If that's not enough motivation to go, realize you are paying a lot of money to go these classes. I remember proudly telling my parents that I had not yet missed a class. My dad looked at me and said, "Why is that a big deal? You are paying to go to them". That always stuck with me, so please realize you pay for every class whether you go or not.

2. Get involved right from the start.


During Welcome Week go to all the events that seem like they will be awful. If you aren't out of your comfort zone, then you aren't doing college right. Chances are you will meet someone who is just as uncomfortable and annoyed by the icebreakers as you are.

3. Keep a planner.


Even if you were super organized in high school without keeping a planner you should start the habit right away when you get to college. Writing out your assignments for your different classes allows you to see everything you have due that week and stay organized without forgetting assignments. In high school, teachers might have been lenient if you forgot, but in college, they will treat you like an ~adult~.

4. Know it’s okay to stay in on the weekends.


There is a level of pressure among college kids to make the most out of every single weekend. While going out to parties is fun, you also can have just as much fun staying in with your friends having a movie night.

5. On the other hand, do go out when you feel like it.


Don't let the stress of homework make you decide to stay in every weekend because there's something more productive you could be doing. It is okay to relax and have fun with your friends on the weekends. You have to allow time for yourself to decompress and escape the stress of school.

6. Take advantage of the on-campus tutoring.


Whether it's taking your term papers to the Writer's Studio or going to practice your final presentation at the Speaker's Lab, use the resources your college has provided you with. You are paying for these services, so you should use them.

7. What you thought was embarrassing in high school, isn’t embarrassing in college.


In high school, it's easy to get caught up in the everyday drama, but in college people just don't care as much. It's not embarrassing to eat lunch by yourself or to mess up when you give presentations. Everyone is in the same position you are, so you have to remember they all feel the same way.

8. Open up to more people.


As cliché as it sounds, allow yourself to be open to new opportunities and to grow. I'm not saying to share your deepest secrets with every person you meet, but be open to making new friends. Keep an open mind with every person you meet because more than likely you have a lot more similarities with your peers than differences. completely natural to see yourself change too.

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Cover Image Credit: Wikia

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