Awkward Things That Have Happened To You In Lecture

7 Awkward Things That Have Definitely Happened To You In Lecture, When You Actually Go

Been there. Done that.

If you go to lecture enough, it's only a matter of time before:

1. Your stomach decides this is the time to tell the world your hungry.


We've all been there. You wake up late for your 10 am. By the time you get to class, you realize you really should've at least grabbed an apple because now you're stuck in a quiet lecture with your stomach growling as loud as humanly possible. All you can do is keep acting natural and hope they blame it on the person next to you.

2.  Getting to class late and being that person who asks the people around you for a pen and paper.


Also been there done that. I don't know if my school supplies get sucked into a black hole every time I'm late to class because somehow I just end up looking more like a mess. I swear I have my life together just not today.

3. Your phone rings during class (extra awk if you have a sick ringtone).


The classic mistake, forgetting to turn off your ringer. My favorite is when they have the Kim Possible ringtone.

4. You're sick and cough every .2 seconds and feel like your distracting everyone.


We all get sick but it sucks when this is us in class and you can't do much about it.

5. When you’re done with a test early and are sitting in the middle of the row.


Can someone tell me why lecture halls have the smallest space between rows? When you're done with your test early and made the fatal mistake of sitting in the middle of the row - get ready for a very awkward experience of getting out.

6. When you look around class and just make awkward eye contact with someone.


7. Accidentally flinging your pen to the person in front of you


Just me? In one of my classes, I was swinging my pen like this and I don't know how but somehow it left my hand and hit the kid in front of me in the head. I awkwardly apologized and asked for my pen back.

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