Ever since Trump came into the intense political arena announcing, circa 2015, announcing his decision to run in the 2016 presidential election, he has been faced with the media's attention, or more accurately criticisms.

People love to bash Trump. Whether it is a leftist, rightist, or anyone in the middle, a commonality shared between many is that they don't like President Trump. Although, it appears many reasons the population holds for disliking Trump just doesn't seem to hold up.

He is politically incorrect. Personally, ever since the beginning, this has not bothered me with Trump. Not to say every politically incorrect thing Trump has said is warranted, but much of it is. I want a president who says what they think and is as transparent as possible. Many former presidents who have been seen as “politically correct" weren't in actuality behind the scenes.

He is a businessman. Business is very intertwined with politics and economics, and Trump has been around long enough for many to feel comfortable with him being president.

He uses Twitter too much. His use of Twitter is not the problem, it is his tweet content. So, do not bash him for using a popular media source to speak, because it is indeed very useful. It is the modern fireside chats, common with FDR.

He hates women. Women hating is definitely not okay. Despite this, I don't see how people truly think Trump is worse than other presidents and politicians for openly hating women. Clinton clearly took advantage of a woman, but you wouldn't have known unless it was leaked.

Reasons to actually dislike Trump are great in number. Many presidents are disliked, although with Trump it seems much of his criticism isn't focused on the legitimate reasons he is acting as a poor executive, described below.

He does things just to spite leftists. Instead of using his time to make honest, good policy changes, Trump's transgender military ban seemed to have no true basis, leaving many to think he just wants to make democrats and those associated with LGBTQ+ mad. This isn't something a president should do.

He lied. Much of Trump's preliminary campaign focuses on the idea that Mexican was going to fund the Wall. Recently, Trump claimed he never said such a thing.

His political opinions have shifted tremendously in the past decade. Not to say one's political ideology cannot change, but Trump changed parties within the past decade. Now, he's suddenly so right he acts like democrats are the worst thing created, even though he was recently one.

As someone who overall dislikes Trump, I cannot sit around and watch people criticize him for things that don't matter, but barley criticize him for the most damaging things he's said or done. In an era where people's lives, citizenship and well-being are at stake, detestably more than ever, this is not the time to become mad over snowflake things.

P.S. He still is YOUR president, whether you like it or not.