8 2000s throwback childhood websites

I think we can all agree, the 2000s were a great decade.

Great music, great fashion, great TV. Why can't we go back? Or at least continue those trends.

But one other great thing that came from the 2000s was the amazing websites.

Before Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, there were several virtual worlds, which were way better than all the sites I just mentioned. And way less hateful.

Here are eight websites you probably went on or were a member of in the 2000s. Or at least I was.

1. PBS Kids Go!

If your childhood was spent on PBS Kids, like mine, you probably remember PBS Kids Go! A block aimed at the older demographic, aka fourth to eighth grade. Which means you probably spend time on the awesome website. Every Friday there were new videos added, and new collections with a different theme. There was also a lot of games and printables, as well as links to each of the block's shows individual sites. I don't know why they pulled the plug in 2013, but it was like the end of my childhood.

2. Webkinz


Okay, so Webkinz is still a thing. But I'm pretty sure it isn't as good as it used to be. I wouldn't know for sure, I forgot my password years ago, but I would likely assume so. There was nothing like the OG Webkinz site. From the stories in the newsletter, to finding gems in the mines to try to get that crown, to the "Pet Of The Month" music videos. I still remember "Hug A Pug" going semi-viral. And the GAMES! From the daily "Wishing Well," to the, to my personal favorite "Smoothie Moves," which was the original Candy Crush.

3. Bearville

I have no idea why they shut this down. Maybe that's why Build-A-Bear isn't as much of a thing anymore. And yes that was shade. I loved all the daily activities you could do for cash and items, like the wishing well, and entering the healthy things you did in a day. There were so many different locations you could take your character to, the gym, the cafe, even to the beach. The great thing about this website was that you didn't need to get a bear to make an account. You just didn't get to own a house, however, you could go into other people's houses and pretend it was yours, which is what I did.

4. Everythinggirl.com

If you were a fan of Barbie, MyScene, or the Polly Pocket doll lines, chances are, you went on this site. I think we all remember looking for tickets for the PollyWorld roller coaster, playing MyScene's makeover games, or waiting to see what new features inspired by the latest Barbie movie would be. There also was Pixel Chix, for those that remember that.

5. BeBratz.com

Kind of the same as Webkinz, but with Bratz, and just as great.

6. 4Kidstv.com

While we're on the subject of Bratz, let's talk about the website of the TV block where it aired. If you watched the Saturday morning block on FOX, which I did, this site was the area for all your favorite shows. My personal favorites were the Bratz and the Winx Club pages.

7. Littlest Pet Shop VIPs


Again, same as Webkinz, just cuter and outside.

8. Nabisco World


This was basically every online game ever, with a Nabisco product attached to it.

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