Gym anxiety is a huge reason why many people don't like to step foot into the gym. It can be intimidating to walk into a new place, with people who are seemingly professionals at this. They have newer and prettier sneakers, Lululemon athletic wear, and protein shakes.

I was the same way. I would walk into the gym at the beginning of the New Year, determined to actually get fit this year, wearing my sneakers I've had for over two years, a t-shirt and leggings, and a water bottle. Seeing all the people lifting weights and using perfect form was intimidating and made me want to walk right out. Most of the time I would just go on the treadmill for thirty minutes, maybe do some crunches, and get the heck out of there.

However, I've recently had a change of pace and realized that it was finally time to face this fear and get over it. With these 7 things, I was able to get over my gym anxiety and now am able to walk into the gym without hesitations. Check out the tips below:

1. I invested in some workout clothes.

Look How Cute

They say the clothes make the man and while it is not always true, it helps. I didn't go out and purchase an outrageous amount of Lululemon, my college budget doesn't allow for that. Instead, I did a few things. I first went to some thrift stores and bought workout clothes from them. Did you know every other Saturday at Goodwill everything is 50 percent off? And every Monday at Savers, everything is 50 percent off. I got a selection of items from Goodwill, Savers, Ross, Target, etc.

Another great deal is Ellie Activewear boxes. It's forty dollars a month and you get a box of three pieces of athletic wear. I've gotten some of my favorite leggings and sports bras from the subscription box and have gotten countless compliments on them.

Investing in cute workout clothes make you feel great inside and out and is more motivation to get yourself to the gym.

2. I'd research what I wanted to do before hand.


Instead of walking into the gym blindly and staring at everything, I decided to make a game plan first thing. With the help of Pinterest, I would research workouts and plan a few to do at the gym. I usually started out with thirty minutes on the treadmill and then moved to weights and did various intervals.

Planning helped a lot with toning down my anxiety because if I knew what I was doing, then I felt less nervous when it came to walking into the gym.

3. I got a personal trainer.

Personal Trainer

This one isn't much of a necessity, more as it is a nice way to learn the basics around the gym. I was lucky enough to be able to have one for six months and learn the proper techniques to lifting weights and working out. My trainer helped me with nutrition, proper form, and getting on a workout schedule. Because of her, I was more confident in going towards the weights first, instead of hiding in the corner doing crunches.

4. I realized that no one cares about you.

Nobody Cares

At the gym, nobody has the time or energy to pay attention to what you are doing. They are too busy focusing on lifting weights and making sure their form is correct. If you are afraid of being judged while lifting weights in front of the mirror, don't. Nobody is looking at you, in fact, unless you're waving a weight around like a helicopter, not a single person will bat an eye.

5. I made some bomb playlists.

Workout Playlist

Each time I go to the gym I fix it up on the music or podcasts I decide to listen to. Sometimes I run to a Disney Throwbacks playlist while other times I workout to Broadway show tunes. Often I will lift weights to a serial killers podcast or jam out to a playlist I made specifically for the gym.

I suggest making a multitude of playlists for the gym and to mix it up each time. Don't restrict yourself to the same few songs because it will get boring fast.

6. I just went up to the weights, and started working out.

Weight Lifting

All it takes is that one time. You just have to walk up to the front lines once, grab some weights, and go for it. Sure, I was using seven-pound weights while others were using fifty or more, but I was more proud at the fact I was in the gym working out than how much I was lifting.

And you know what I realized?

No one cared. No one laughed. No one gave me funny looks. I just lifted my weights, and left.

7. I rewarded myself after a workout.

A Smoothie

I made a deal with myself. If I worked out for an hour and made myself buck up and do the weights, I would reward myself with a juice or smoothie from Nektar. It was refreshing, tasted amazing, and was a treat that motivated me to get out of my comfort zone. Sign up for the Nektar app using my code LilyCooper2518 for $3 off your next drink!