Finals week tests your nerves and your patience. Even though you know school is good for you and you cannot live without it, you hate it, at least just temporarily. Your family understands why you are mad, but ultimately you will go running back even after all of the heartbreak. You know school is good for you even when it makes you cry. No matter how many times you have a break, you'll jump right back in only to find yourself stuck again. Here's a list explaining 7 ways that finals week is similar to a breakup.

1. You need you all of your friends to help you.

2. Your friends tell of their own similar experiences.

3. Your friends also bring food to help you deal with your emotions.

4. There's a lot of crying, ugly crying.

5. When Mom calls, you need her help.

6. But first, you have to explain what has happened.

7. But then you remember that you can make it through anything because you are you, and you are AWESOME!