7 Unusual Gift Ideas For Her (2022)
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7 Unusual Gift Ideas For Her (2022)

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7 Unusual Gift Ideas For Her (2022)


When looking to buy a gift for anyone, it can be hard to know what to get and even harder to find something unusual. However, if you have been with your significant other for a while or have female family members you want to please with a gift, it may not be obvious how you can accomplish this.

Knowing what they like and perhaps what they are looking for at this current point in time is a great place to start, but these two starting points also have flaws. A like can be temporary, and they may buy what they are looking for before you get a chance to give them your gift.

So, what are some unusual gift ideas for her that’ll guarantee success? Let’s take a look at today’s article and get some inspiration!

Funky Boxer Shorts

If the woman you are buying for wears boxer shorts, why not get them something funky and comfortable? Ditch the boring blacks, blues, whites, and patternless underwear. She can get them anywhere! If this is your chosen route, get something funny and unique.

Bawbags is a great example of what we mean by funny, comfortable, and unusual (but in a good way). They have Leopard, Pink Camo, and even some Techno Tartan designs.

Custom Inked Shoes

Custom inked shoes are becoming more popular yearly, with amazing artists stepping onto platforms like Etsy to sell one-of-a-kind custom shoes. If the girl or woman you are doing the shopping for enjoys wearing shoes such as Converse, Vans, or any similar canvas style shoe, then commissioning a custom-inked shoe is a great way to show you care.

You can get almost anything commissioned if you find the right artist!

Customised High-Quality Hoodies

Everyone knows about getting custom T-shirts made up, but usually, they are fairly low-quality and aren’t all that unusual anymore. A custom hoodie, however? Not only can these be of superb quality, but they can also offer great value for money and give you a chance to create something unique for her.

You’ll need to begin by finding a local company that sells high-quality hoodies that can be customised. The cheaper you go with the hoodie, the less overall quality it will have in the stitching and materials used.

Go for something large, fluffy, and bulky. These are the best kinds of hoodies! You’ll want to stick to hoodies above the £50 mark as a minimum to ensure they are exceptional quality.

Car Lashes

We’ve all seen them at least once, but they aren’t as common as a car vinyl or sticker option. These are fantastic gifts for a woman that’s just paid off or bought their first car that they intend to keep for the foreseeable.

It’s a simple, fun, and unusual gift that – if they are the type that would enjoy them – should smile at them!

Car Seat Covers

Staying with the car theme, car seat covers are not as popular as they used to be but can offer style and comfort for any vehicle. Car seat covers come in many options, from fluffed-out pink to gothic purple, depending on the person’s taste.

Usually, these covers will be one-size-fits-all with adjustable tabs, but if in doubt, take measurements before buying!

Clay Pot Making Experience

For the artistically inclined, this is a brilliant gift to give. Clay pot making is not only a satisfying endeavour, but it can also be a wonderful learning experience that could teach them about an artistic craft they may not have thought to try on their own.

If they are hugely into art, then this is absolutely an experience they will enjoy!

Take a look at local classes and see if this is something you can book.

Wine Tasting Experience

Wine is one of those things that almost everyone can find some enjoyment in, but very few make the effort of going to a full wine tasting experience. If the lady you are gifting to is big into wine, then why not help her expand her wine experience by taking her to taste some vintage or rare wines?

A big selling point of most wine-tasting experiences is the opportunity to taste expensive wines. Go all out and get her an experience she won’t forget.


It can sometimes be difficult to get a gift that’ll keep giving. Be it awesome, unique clothing or experiences that she’ll remember for the rest of her life, always try to keep the longevity of the gift in mind. There’s no point getting her something that’ll be gone in a month or two or forgotten about in a few years.

Be interested in your gifts!

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