1. The Mom Friend

We all know this friend — they're the first one you run to when you have a problem, the first one you run to for medicine, the one that will fight anyone and everyone on your behalf, and the one with the best advice for any situation.

2. The Loud Friend

This friend more than likely has that unique, loud laugh that can be heard from across campus. They also forget that indoor voices are a thing, and you probably have to remind them constantly to turn the volume down on their voice box. And they can't whisper. At all. But do you need someone yelled at, or do you need to ask your near-deaf professor a question? Have no fear — the loud friend is here.

3. The Quiet Friend

You'll usually find this friend on the edge of the crowd, inserting comments every now and then, but otherwise just observing. They're wallflowers, in a way. (Hah, get it? Because of the .gif? I know, I'm funny.)

4. The Animal-Loving Friend

This friend has an animal radar. They can immediately tell when an animal is near, and will run through, jump over, knock down, or otherwise bowl over anything or anyone that stands in the way of them getting to said animal.

5. The Extroverted Friend

Is the friend group bored? Turn to this friend, because they'll always have some spontaneous idea up their sleeve! Want that guy's number, but you're too afraid to ask? Don't worry, you've got the most outgoing wingwoman/man in the world by your side!

6. The Sporty Friend

Not only does this friend own the most extensive collection of running shorts, spandex, tank tops, tennis shoes, and other sports paraphernalia, this friend also has the natural ability to literally be good at any sport ever.

7. The Smart Friend

This friend is the walking encyclopedia of the group. You can always count on them to make the good grades, to be the source of knowledge, and to always be up for answering your questions. This friend is also either very humble or very arrogant about their intelligence. There is no in between.