The 7 Friends Every College Girl Needs In Her Life

The 7 Friends Every College Girl Needs In Her Life

Because everyone needs someone to go out with, but also someone to stay in with.

Almost every girl has their core group of friends and each of them is a little different. Girls need a little variety in their life because everyone needs someone to go out with, but also someone to stay in with. No one wants only friends who are super lazy or super smart or super crazy. There are seven people every girl needs to complete her friend group.

1. The Role Model Friend

This friend has their sh*t together. They know they are going places and won’t let anyone stop them. They push you to be the best you can be.

2. The Crazy Friend

This is the friend that religiously partakes in Margarita Monday, Tequila Tuesday, and Wine Wednesday. Then they still go out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday no questions asked. They are always dragging you with them and showing you the best time.

3. The Confident Friend

They radiate confidence so much that when you’re near them, you feel confident too.

4. The Lazy Friend

They are always down to stay in for a movie night, eat pints of Ben & Jerry’s, and gossip till 2 a.m.

5. The Boy Friend That You Friend-Zoned

This is the person you go to when you’re just sick of girls. You go to them when you need boy advice and they are always right. Well, almost always.

6. The Emotional Friend

They’ll know what it's like to overreact, so when you’re upset they will be there for you.

7. The Best Friend

This is the girl you can’t imagine your life without. Not the one you say “Omg, can’t live without you” when you’re writing a birthday message. This is the girl you physically can’t live without and not talking to them for a week makes you go crazy. You turn to them for anything and they will always give you the best advice. They're your person.

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Alien Impact

When a close encounter becomes too real

Admitting one has an unexplainable experience in a generation that lives on social media is essentially social suicide; however, what my best friend and I experienced our sophomore and junior years will forever be left in the realm of the unexplained. Yet, due to the idea that every answer can and will be found on the internet if one searches long enough has led most who have heard our stories to scoff at experiences and discount our perception of what we experienced. Admittedly, I would love to be able to explain the experience; instead, I have been left scratching my head as to what we experienced and perhaps it was my dull perception of the unknown that led me to be struck with fear when my friend and I had our first encounter with an unidentified flying object (UFO).

First, allow me to preface my memoir by saying prior to my sophomore year, I had no experience UFOs and I quite frankly laughed at the idea that aliens flew around in flying saucers in the sky to spy on us. Portraying this level of disbelief in UFOs came from around 4th or 5th grade when I saw a picture of a sky with a saucer like object in the frame. Inquiring about this picture, I asked my teacher if UFOs did in fact exist; however, much to my disappointment, the teacher informed me that the picture was taken using a unique photography trick where a cardboard cutout of a saucer was made to appear to be flying in the sky. Since that moment, believing in alien UFOs seemed childish and because of all the ridiculous rumors I would hear about Area 51 it seemed more and more like a science fiction story than actual events occurring on earth. Furthermore, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos from Ancient Aliens is well known for his crazy hair and ridiculous claims to extraterrestrial beings that watching that show seemed more like comic relief opposed to scientific proof that aliens do exist. Needless to say, I felt confident UFOs were an invention of man.

Halloween night is well known for a night of costumes and candy; additionally, Halloween night is also a night known for evil pranks and cruel mischief. Yet, for two high school males who were in line to get their drivers license in the coming months, Halloween had become more about hanging out and having fun opposed to dressing up and pulling pranks. Besides, when we began our walk home it was already around 10 pm, we were in a safe neighborhood only 7 minutes from home, and most people were beginning to turn off their porch lights and get ready for bed and go to school the next day. From our perspective, we had enjoyed the night at our friends handing out some candy, we were not up to any mischief, and we were too old to be fooled by a juvenile prank by the local middle schoolers. Perhaps it was our arrogance that made the next sequence of events make us stop dead in our tracks, perhaps it was the fact we thought it was the beginning of the next world war, or perhaps what made us stop that night was the fact that was we heard shook us to our core.

Walking down the street, neither of us expected to hear a sound that literally vibrated our bones as in penetrated the silent night sky. Living in Sumter would lead one to argue a military aircraft simply broke the sound barrier; however, rarely does the sound barrier feel like it is breaking right next to you. A sound so loud that had cars been parked on the street I am convinced alarms would have sounded as the noise swooped down towards us that froze our bodies as the road shook beneath us and the sound swirled around us. Then, like the sound of one zipping up their coat, it shot off. Frozen, we gazed at one another unable to describe what we had just heard; consequently, we stood alone on the road just minutes from home frozen, puzzled, and without words. Trying to find words, we expressed our utter shock in a series of sounds as puzzling as the one we had just heard; however, the sounds we made failed to frighten us because in this case, we could identify the source. Remaining in disbelief, we continued our journey home, frightened, excited, and in awe of our experience. Once we came to the fork in the road that separated our two homes, we said goodbye and ran, still afraid of what we just heard. Less than 20 seconds from home, we took off out of fear of being alone that night. Perhaps it was mischief, or one of the most incredible pranks we will ever experience; but, to this day, that sound still remains a mystery.

After almost a year had passed since that incredible sound shook us to our core, our lives had not ended abruptly, nor did either of us experience any sort of post-horror episodes as often seen in horror fiction; yet, our experience with UFOs had been singular until we drove home from our first home football game our junior year. Having not mentioned our incredible encounter with UFOs in quite some time, neither my friend nor I believed we would experience anything quite as weird and inexplicable as we had our sophomore year; however, when we made a left turn into our neighborhood on our return home I looked into the night sky and saw something very odd. Turning to my friend, I interrupted our conversation to point out what appeared to be a blue orb moving in the night sky; likewise, he too saw the odd object and encouraged me to follow the object to the best of my ability. Continuing down the main street of our neighborhood, we began to eliminate the possibilities of the type of aircraft it could be. An airplane would have blinking lights as would a helicopter, a star or planet seemed improbable because the object was dancing across the night sky and was illuminated at too high of a degree to be a planet or star, and a military aircraft seemed unlikely because the object would remain stagnant at certain points then quickly move in sporadic directions. Opening the sunroof, my friend stood in the seat with his head poking out of the sunroof as we attempted to follow the odd ball of light; however, the road was beginning to hinder our ability to follow the object as it veered away from where the object was located. As I slowed the car down to keep the orb in our sights, the ball of light began to dance in an almost small elliptical motion and then, from almost a dead stop, the orb shot off behind a treeline in a swirling motion. Disappointed we could no longer follow the object, we began our turn around to head back home, on the very same road that just a year earlier was vibrating at the sound of an unidentified flying object. Heading home, we turned to one another, once again in disbelief, neither of us having an answer as we took the same path home we had less than a year ago.

Three years have passed since our last encounter with the unknown and to this day we have no understanding of what we experienced. Each of us hold our own perspective as to the possibility of what we saw and heard those two nights. Being more of a believer in the idea that aliens are real, my friend holds hope to the idea that what we experienced that night may very well be aliens; consequently, I am not as optimistic that we had a true encounter with aliens, but can firmly argue that unidentified flying objects are not a myth. However, from my perspective, I am more of a conspiracy theorist in that my idea of what we experienced was likely military experiments or aircrafts that are kept top secret from the public; therefore, if the public is unable to identify what the object is, it becomes unidentified and since it is an aircraft it becomes an unidentified flying object. Likewise my friend would agree with this argument, but also finds the existence of aliens fascinating and a plausible explanation to many unexplainable stories and events. Whatever the explanation may be, both my friend and I fully agree on what we heard and saw those two unexplainable nights, and will forever hold those stories as our weirdest memories.

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Why It's Time to Prioritize Your Friendships

Find your people; Cherish them.

It is still early in the year to make intentions for the new year. For this year, I have made it a point to build up and pour into my relationships.

Life is anything but easy, and simple, and comforting, No, you shouldn't find your peace in others, but you should find people who can teach you, and inspire you to find peace within yourself.

The world can be a totally lonely place, so it's nicer to have someone hold your hand through it. This world will live to break you down, so it is such a refreshing feeling to have someone in your court who will live to build you up.

It's a matter of finding your people: the people who challenge you, the people who love you, and the people who keep you in check.

Find your people, and cherish them –– because you won't always have the opportunity to find these people, so when you do you really have to hang on tight.

The people who fight for you are going to be the people who will fight with you. There is no better time than now to build up the individuals who have set foundations for you. For those who inspire you, take the turn and be the one to inspire them.

I've recounted all of the times that my closest friends have been there for me time and time again –– without fail. I've been really blessed to have amazing people in my corner. And it's a lovely breath of fresh air to have those around you who love you, even at your most vulnerable state.

I encourage you to fall in love with your friends. Not always meant to be taken romantically, but love them unconditionally, and care for them altruistically. These are the people who will teach you how to love truly.

Aspire to inspire, and take your next few moments to prioritize the people who are around you in this present time.

Cover Image Credit: Robynlou Kavanagh//Flickr

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