7 "Today" Trends That Need To Go

7 "Today" Trends That Need To Go

Some trends just shouldn't be a "thing."

Throughout the decades, trends have come and gone; some quicker than others. Some trends have been quite amusing and fun to take part in. However, as the "millennials" start to take over our society, a lot of the trends are becoming more and more pointless, obnoxious, and even dangerous. It's no wonder a lot of people haven't taken these last couple of decades seriously. Below are seven trends that just need to GO.

1. Sagging Pants

This trend has been around for years. Teens in high school, and sometimes even adults, wear their pants way below their butt with their underwear in plain sight. It’s not because they need a belt, either; it’s a fashion trend. Quite often, they even wear belts along with the low-sagging pants. We’re quite certain that defeats the purpose of what a belt is, but perhaps they just don’t know. The purpose of a belt is to keep your pants UP. Sagging your pants simply looks stupid, people don’t take you seriously, and it's just too much work if you have to walk like a penguin to keep them at your thighs.

2. Fingernail Charms

Recently, women have begun to wear charms on the end of eccentric fake nails. This trend is just inconvenient and impractical. Not only is it over the top, but you use your hands for everything you do. How do you put on a shirt without catching them on the fabric? How do you eat finger foods? How to you wipe yourself after using the bathroom? Basic tasks are made much more complicated. Life is already complicated enough.

3. The Man Bun

Very few men can pull off long hair to begin with. However, for most other men, unless you’re a lumberjack, fighting orcs, living on the beach or working for a fashion agency already encouraging questionable attire, you really shouldn’t be sporting one. Hair that is long enough to be pulled into a bun is too long to be able to look professional in almost any job.

4. Snorting/Sniffing

A popular past time (mostly among teens in high school) is to snort strange and imaginative things up their noses. Besides cocaine, some widely snorted things are crushed up “smartie” candies, chocolate, sharpies and glue. Whether it’s to impress friends or to get high, it’s stupid, brain damaging and it needs to stop.

5. “Fam,” and “Bae”

“Fam” and “Bae” are two slang words used by millennials that stand for “family” and “Before Anybody Else,” (a significant other). Using slang to describe somebody you love or truly care about as you would a family member is just insincere and passive; especially since these two words have been used time and time again to describe things that just don’t really matter as much as a loved one. If you consider somebody family, say it. If you love somebody and put him or her as your first priority, say it. Don’t say use a slang word like “bae,” that is used to describe insignificant things like pizza or Pokemon.

6. Celebrity Gossip

Celebrity talk is simply gossip that nobody feels bad about because nobody actually knows them, personally. Everybody is guilty of it at least a little bit, but the obsessive talk about celebrities needs to stop. The Celebrity talk is severely judgmental, and people who constantly want to be updated on somebody else’s’ life of fame can have negative effects. The media judges celebrities appearances to an extreme extent, making the headlines when one of them has gained a little bit of weight or gives somebody a dirty look. Constantly reading these judgmental articles about celebrities can make it very easy to get into the habit of judging others around us; including ourselves. When one compares somebody’s life of wealth and privilege to their own, normal every-day life can seem rather dull or unsuccessful. It's best to stay away from it.

7. Pictures of Food and Pictures of You

Everybody has a few food pictures and a few selfies. It’s OK. But the Instagram and Facebook accounts that are simply filled with food and only food, or selfies and only selfies, needs to stop. If people want to see food, they’ll follow a food network. If they want to see so much of you, they’ll ask to see you. People appreciate and notice the things that don’t come around as often. Sometimes less is more.

Cover Image Credit: e Baum's World

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