7 Tips For Dating Someone With Anxiety
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7 Tips For Dating Someone With Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues in today's society. So let's talk about some tips to dating someone with anxiety

7 Tips For Dating Someone With Anxiety

You can't turn it off


I think one of the most frustrating things for someone with anxiety is having their partner tell them "just don't worry about it." Anxiety isn't something you can turn off and on when you desire. For many people, their anxiety is usually triggered by different things and can be very overwhelming for them.

Do your research


Instead of just not getting it or assuming things, research. It'll be the easiest way to understand them and not cause them extra stress without even knowing it.



This goes for any relationship obviously but it's super important for dealing with people who have anxiety. Things take time.

Don't try to fix them


Okay, this one bothers me. First off, you aren't their doctor so don't act like it. Secondly, everyone deals with their anxiety in different ways. You can't fix anyone nor are they asking to be fixed. Anxiety is a mental health issue but it doesn't EVER mean that the person is broken. We just handle things in particular ways and react differently.

No comparisons


"This is how so-and-so deals with their anxiety, this might help you." As much as the suggestions may be really sweet, they're not necessary. There are different types of anxieties and different ways to deal with it. Comparing others just because they have anxiety is never to be done.

Anxiety attacks are real


There are many different symptoms of an anxiety attack that many people aren't aware of. Make yourself aware of those. Sometimes when people are having an anxiety attack the best thing to do is be calm. Be there for them but don't cause on any more stress.

Don't minimize their problems


Even if the problem seems small to you, keep it to yourself. Minimizing someone's problems or anxiety is never the answer. Just listen and provide support.

People with anxiety are in a constant state of worry where so much is going through their heads daily. Sometimes really bad scenarios will replay in their heads and they don't have control of it. People with anxiety can honestly be the best partners with time and understanding. It can be hard living with anxiety, which is why people need to be aware and present.

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