7 Thoughts A Rhode Islander Might Have When Visiting NYC
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7 Thoughts A Rhode Islander Might Have When Visiting NYC

“All around me are…unfamiliar faces.”

7 Thoughts A Rhode Islander Might Have When Visiting NYC

During Spring Break, I spent a couple of days in New York City! Whenever I visit New York City, I can’t help but constantly think about how different it is from good ol’ Lil Rhody. Though I’ve been there more than once, I figured I’d compile a list of thoughts I always have when I visit the city that never sleeps. If you’re from Rhode Island and you've visited New York City, perhaps you’ve had these thoughts too!

1. “So. Many. Dogs.”

I know. This can easily be a thought that anyone can have when visiting New York City. But, I’m being honest when I say it’s literally my first thought whenever I'm there! There's just so many dogs, man.

2. “Wait, I can get my coffee at a place other than Dunkin’?”

Yes, Rhode Island has coffee places that aren’t Dunkin. Yes, I know we have Starbucks. However, when there’s at least six Dunkin’ Donuts on your street, Dunkin’s pretty much the go-to coffee spot for Rhode Islanders. In New York City, you have options! So, take a break from your French Vanilla Extra Extra and treat yourself to some Starbucks. Or to some cool, Instagram-worthy coffee shop.

3. “Taxis and subways and walking, oh my!”

If you live in Rhode Island you’ve probably heard someone start their sentence with, “Ugh, I have to drive all the way to [insert a location that’s at least 20 minutes away].” When you’re in New York, you realize that these city folks have the commuting down pat! You want to get to a spot that’s 20 minutes away? Just jump on that subway. (P.S. It’s really helpful when you have a friend with you who knows how the subway system works).

4. “I wonder if I’ll see anyone famous!”

Tons of celebs live in New York and it’s not uncommon to see pictures of them walking about and going on with their daily lives. Sure, there are famous people that are from Rhode Island (Like the queen herself, Viola Davis). Sure, Taylor Swift has a beach house here. But you have to admit, when you live in Rhode Island and there’s news of a celebrity stopping by or even mentioning our state, we’ll talk about it for weeks. So, basically New York is as close as a Rhode Islander can get to Hollywood vibes without actually going to Hollywood.

5. "Everything’s so fast, even the food!"

I mentioned your coffee options increasing, but your food options increase too! Service is fast and you can practically get anything delivered. In Rhode Island, if you’re wanting something super fast, you and your friend might have had to choose between the McDonalds that’s 10 minutes away or the Burger King that’s 5.

6. “All around me are… unfamiliar faces.”

Everyone knows everyone in Rhode Island. You either meet someone who knows your parents, babysat your parents, babysat you, or you meet a relative you didn’t know you had. Though New York isn’t extremely far away, whenever I go there I feel unknown in the best way possible.

7. “It’s ‘uge!”

It’s huge. That’s pretty much a thought I think we can all agree on.

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