7 Thoughts I Have Going Into Senior Year
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Student Life

7 conflicting Thoughts You Have going into Senior year

Senior year is quickly approaching and I have a few things on my mind.

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Becca Steele

I know what you're thinking, girl it is literally summer time why are you thinking let alone writing about going back to school? You should be thinking about vacations, pina coladas, and deep tans! Normally, I wouldn't even be thinking about school but this is my last year, after this it is the "real world" and full-fledged adulthood. That being said here are 7 thoughts I have already had about senior year in the middle of the summer:

1. I am so ready to get out of here

I know to some this is totally relatable and to others, it sounds like I am out of my freaking mind. Who would want to leave college? The best four years of our life, right? Not necessarily. On one hand, I do love my school I have enjoyed the memories I made and I look forward to the memories to come. I am also ready to move on and start figuring out what I will do with my life after college. I have hit my stride in Charleston. There have been ups and downs but overall it has been a wonderful experience, I definitely don't want to rush through the year either. I want to enjoy this year and let it become the memory it deserves to be.

2. This is the last time I'll ever..

As a sorority girl, it started to hit me and my fellow seniors last year when we were juniors that we have gone from "OMG this is my first formal ever" to "wait this is our last sisterhood retreat". There is nothing like "the last times" that make you feel incredibly dated. Not even so much as just being a sorority girl, as a college student, in general, there will be no more first games of the season or the first day of class unless you continue on to grad school.

3. Shoot, I still gotta take that class..

Most students get it together and knock out all the unnecessary general education classes by the time they get to senior year. However, every once in a while there are those of us who suck it up and take summer courses or suffer through a semester of a random math or language class we don't need but are told it's required. Word of advice to younger students, get the dang gen. eds out of the way! Use your senior year to really hone in on doing your major courses and capstone classes with fun classes on the side. Think about it: if you suffer through the math early on you can reward yourself senior year with Friday's off or a yoga class.

4. This is my year

Stand back, clear the path honey because I am charging through this year and taking it as my own. Although I should look at every year like that this year is going to be mine. I will not stop until I feel like I have accomplished all I wanted and set myself up for a successful future. There is simply no time to dilly dally. Of course, there is time for friends, fun, and the beach but when it is time to work then you better work it, girl! This year is about sealing your future, no not everyone gets a job but you have to at least try your darnedest to put yourself out there and live without regrets. This time cannot be relived so you gotta do it now.

5. Everyone is finally turning 21

Being the oldest one in your friend group is both awesome but also annoying. On one hand, you turned 21 and you can go out with your older friends! Especially when they are about to graduate it's nice because you get to spend some time with them and share really fun experiences with them. I loved that aspect of being the oldest in one friend group was that I still had older friends to hang out with and I could finally run on the same track as them. That being said it is also really exciting because you get to celebrate your younger friends turning 21 and be that older friend for them. Everyone is growing up and maturing, and now we can all go to brunch and order endless mimosas!

6. My friends

On one hand, this is the last time I will ever get to live in the same city with all of my friends and be able to make plans with them at the drop of a hat. When you're main priorities and schedules are similar to your friends AND you live within walking distance of each other than fitting into each other's lives isn't too hard. I am seriously sad to think that I will not be in the same city as my gals one day, especially knowing my friends they will be scattered all over the world! So that in mind I am going to be very conscientious to continue cultivating my friendships. Some think you have to cut people out or you have to start saying goodbye at the beginning but in fact, it is the opposite. Keep the love flowing and distance will never be an issue with friends. Also, our next big step aside from being fabulous career women is being bridesmaids!

7. What the heck is my next step

Graduation is going to be a wonderful and scary day because it will mark the end of a chapter in my book. As a control freak, I am already getting freaked out about what my next step is going to be. Who will I be? What will I do? Where am I gonna work/live? I have many questions that I hope to have filled by next spring if not an idea by Christmas. While these deadlines seem crazy AF to put on myself if I don't but an end goal in mind then I won't know what to work for. They say you always need to have an exit strategy and senior year is all about setting yours up but don't forget to enjoy the ride along the way.

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