7 Things To Never Say To a Girl With a Pixie Cut
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7 Things To Never Say To a Girl With a Pixie Cut

Because my haircut will never dictate my sexual orientation.

7 Things To Never Say To a Girl With a Pixie Cut
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I've never been the girl with extraordinarily long hair. Honestly, I can't remember the last time my hair was long enough to touch my shoulders. For the past four years, I've sported some variation of a pixie cut, and I absolutely love it. However, after having short hair for as long as I have, I find myself hearing the same questions and comments repeatedly, and quite frankly, it's time that it stopped. Here's a list of seven things you should never say to someone with a pixie cut.

1. "If I didn't know you, I'd think you were lesbian."

First of all, when did a haircut dictate anyone's sexual orientation? Second of all, why the hell does it matter? My sexual preference is no one's business but my own, and the fact that you associate short hair with lesbianism only shows that you're wildly ignorant.

2. "Do you like having short hair?"

OF COURSE I LIKE SHORT HAIR! If I didn't like it, it wouldn't be short. I don't know if you're expecting me to tell you that my hair dresser held me down against my will, but I assure you I chose this hair cut and have never had a regret about it.

3. "I bet your hair looks really pretty when it's long."

Yes, and I bet that you sound a lot smarter when you aren't talking. But really, this is a serious insult. The idea that beauty is associated with long hair only reinforces the oppression of women. I am not pretty because of my hair. I am not even pretty because of my makeup, or what I wear. I am pretty because of my mind. Because I have a great personality and because I'm super hilarious. I am pretty because I am confident in myself, and my hair helps with that.

4. "It must be nice to not have to put any effort into getting ready."

This is a really back-handed compliment. No, I don't spend an hour on my hair. Most days, five minutes means I'm ready for a beauty pageant. But whenever comments like this are made, it makes you feel as though you didn't put any effort into your appearance. Instead of pointing out how easy it is to style my hair, tell me you like what I did with it, tell me my eyeliner looks good, or just don't say anything.

5. "Your boyfriend must be into girls with short hair."

My boyfriend is into girls who love potatoes, Big Brother, and indie music. My boyfriend doesn't get a say in my hair, and he never will. This goes back to using comments to try and pry into my personal life. I promise that my preference of hair styles has never caused a break-up, and if I was ever in a relationship where it mattered, I promise that relationship wouldn't last.

6. Anything that has to do with what religion says about long hair.

Listen y'all, I love Jesus. BUT I ALSO LOVE MY HAIRCUT. Do not try and preach at me about my hair. This is a can of worms best left unopened.

7. "I don't really like short hair, but it looks good on you."

Let me just tell you now, I know that this is a lie. I know that you don't genuinely think my hair looks good. This is just a really sly way of you being to throw your general opinion about pixie cuts out there without making me feel bad. Guess what, I know what you really mean by it, and I still don't care.

Next time you see a girl with short hair, don't make that who she is. Instead, have a conversation about the weather, or The Kardashians, anything but the hair.

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