7 Things That Make College Kids Nervous That Should Totally NOT

7 Things That Make College Kids Nervous That Should Totally NOT

The common irrational fears college students experience, as told by gifs.


Most students can agree that college causes nerves and anxiety levels to reach an all-time high. It is expected of a student to be nervous about some things, such as final exams or meeting new roommates, but there are also many smaller things that make college kids unreasonably nervous for no good reason at all. Here is a list I have compiled of the occurrences that cause college students unnecessary stress.

1. Emailing the professor

Do emails need to be in MLA format? Is “Dear Professor” too formal? Am I getting graded on this?? And why did I only get a one-word answer??!?

2. Icebreakers

Yes, there are still icebreakers in college, and yes they are still just as cheesy and uncomfortable. Although they have taught me that I should really start to keep a list of fun facts about myself on hand.

3. When someone asks to hang out over the weekend

Is “catching up on sleep” a reasonable answer for what I’ll be doing all weekend? How am I supposed to know what I’ll be doing Saturday night?? I don’t even know what I’m eating for dinner!

4. Or worse, when someone asks to hang out after class

This one is even harder to dodge. You quickly start thinking of every possible excuse that could allow you to just go home and relax and then end up mumbling something like, “I…uhh… have to go home and let my fish out.”

5. Two words: Group Activities

Okay, wasn’t I supposed to get over my fear of working in groups in high school? Didn’t they teach me anything useful there??!

6. Looking like you are lost

Nobody wants to be the lost sheep roaming around campus. It shows weakness and vulnerability, two things that they can smell on you a mile away.

7. Coming in the day after you miss a class

The dreaded walk of shame. No, your teacher doesn’t care that you weren’t there yesterday and probably doesn’t even know you weren’t, but yes your guilty expression just gave you away.

It is perfectly normal to feel nervous in college, but these seven things should not be causing you stress! Stop worrying about the little things and let go of these unnecessary stressors.

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